With me!

I was pretty open with my girlfriend. She accepted that I sometimes watched porn, and even got me to admit to her that my favorite porn actress was Lisa Ann. Lisa had that MILF body with the hourglass figure and the full tits that really did it for me. In fact, I sometimes imagined my girlfriend was Lisa Ann while we had sex.
This year, my girlfriend kept hinting about a huge surprise for my birthday. She claimed she had to leave a few days before to arrange it. I thought it was odd but she refused to tell me anything until, on my birthday, there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find Lisa Ann on my doorstep. Holy shit, my eyes went big as saucers and my mouth went dry with nervousness.
“Surprise!” Lisa Ann said, spreading her arms wide. “I heard it was your birthday so I brought you a present.”
She swept past me into the house. I tried to gently get her to leave, telling her if my girlfriend caught her she would kill me. That’s when she dropped the bomb on me: she was my girlfriend. Only she’d used her magic to possess Lisa’s body. Once she convinced me of that…well, fuck.
I was on her instantly, kissing and caressing those titties I’d only seen onscreen. Her body was every bit as wonderful as I’d imagined when I was stroking myself off to her. And the best part was that she would do anything I wanted. With me!
After she’d gotten me hard and ready with her mouth I spun her around and plunged into her from behind. I slid in to her wet heat until our bodies were pressed together. Bending over her I held her close, grunting against her neck, her tits swinging against my arm as I plunged into her tight pussy. She moaned in Lisa’s delectable voice, the voice I’d heard so many times through my speakers. It sent me over the edge and I quickly came, emptying myself into her delicious body.
Definitely the best birthday I ever had.

A young man uses nanobots to transform himself into an exact copy of a family friend and steal her life in I, Copy available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. I would love if they accidentally swapped bodies while fucking. It’ll be even better birthday gift 🎁

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