With me! 2

After my birthday my girlfriend returned Lisa Ann to where she’d taken her and then hopped out. She returned to our apartment and asked me what else we should do with her powers.
Well, shit. Now knowing my girlfriend’s magic it was game on. We cruised around town looking for our next target. My girlfriend was just as excited as I was to find a sexy stranger and make them do her bidding.
When we arrived in the parking lot of a big box store I pointed out my girlfriend’s next target: a curvy MILF with two bratty kids in tow. My girlfriend eagerly agreed and hopped into the mom’s body. It was a little unnerving watching my girlfriend’s body disappear but then the sexy MILF looked at me and nodded towards the car and I forgot all about it.
She gave the kids some money and told the older one to watch the younger one. “Go play in the arcade or something,” she said, before hopping into the backseat with me.
I helped my girlfriend tear off her clothes. We both explored her new body, hands groping her fleshy curves, squeezing her fat breasts, smacking her deliciously meaty thighs. I dropped my pants and my girlfriend leaned on the seat, making the MILF wrap her lips around my shaft as her tits bounced against my leg. She sucked my cock like a pro, driving her lips down my shaft and swallowing all of me before coming back up to gulp for air.
“I don’t think this chick gets much at home,” my girlfriend said. “She’s wet as hell.”
I flipped her around to find out for myself. Indeed, I sheathed my manhood deep into her pussy in one smooth thrust, parting her warm, wet folds until our groins rested together and her hot pussy surrounded my cock. She bounced up and down on me, quickly enjoying a thunderous orgasm. I held off, giving her another, and another before joining her, slamming in deep and emptying my hot cum into her sweet pussy.
When we got dressed and stepped out her kids were back. They began whining. I returned to my car and my girlfriend hopped out, leaving the MILF a little less flustered and a little more relaxed. The older kid seemed to be whining about “what mommy did with that man” but she just thought he was making up stories.

A young man uses nanobots to transform himself into an exact copy of a family friend and steal her life in I, Copy available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. I’d like this to end with her possession a chubby thick milf but somehow gets stuck so his gf remains as a chubby mum

  2. One where they get pulled over and she possesses a hot cop would be different and cool!

    That or maybe possess a waitress at a restaurant

    Final idea could be some random girl at a hotel

  3. Hi!
    Can you make an history about a guy who wakes up as a chubby girl and being fucked by his girlfriend?

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