Might just stay in bed

As soon as I woke up I knew that day would be the best day yet at the Swap Hotel. I struggled to sit up as my heavy tits bounced on my chest.
“Whoa, fuck yeah,” I said to myself as I yanked down the nightie and began fondling this stranger’s chest.
I had no idea who I was. All I knew was that I had a banging body and tits to die for. So what if they were fake? They were fun to play with. As I squeezed my breasts my tiny nipples shot to attention and made a spike of warmth pulse between my legs.
“Shit, I might just stay in bed all day and do this,” I said, giggling at the luscious voice that spilled from my lips.
As I continued stroking my tits the warmth spread through me, bringing with it a beautiful tension deep in my core. One hand moved lower to explore the silken folds of my pussy. My breathy cries grew louder, faster, until I was circling my clit with one hand, squeezing a tit with the other, and howling out for desperate release. The orgasm, when it came, blasted through me, curling my toes and making me drive my head back into the pillow.
God, this stranger had the most amazing orgasms. Far better than the last two days when I had been unlucky enough to land in a man’s body. Then I had been one and done, but now as my body cooled slightly I was already ready for more, and began fondling myself back up towards another incredible release.

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