Show me the goods

“David, quit it!” Caleb said, crossing his arms beneath his new breasts. He’d been transformed so many times he was used to the sudden change, the instant expansion of hips and the heavier chest.
“Ooh, I like this one,” David grinned, the magic remote still in his hand. “It’s got a real ‘sexy math teacher’ vibe.”
Caleb blew the hair out of his face and leaned on one leg. The tight dress clasped his hips, accentuating his curves. He wished he’d never gone into that junk shop.
While Caleb was investigating the vintage vinyl, David poked around the rest of the shop, eventually finding this old remote with strange symbols on it. He pointed it at Caleb and pressed a button, turning Caleb from an overweight high school guy to a skinny cheerleader. After a little experimentation he found out how to work it, though he didn’t know exactly what each new press of the button would bring. Obviously, he purchased it and the two returned to Caleb’s house, David continuing to turn Caleb into random people.along the way.
“Change me back before my parents get home,” Caleb insisted.
“I will, I will. Keep your bra on.”
Caleb looked down at the nipples visible through his dress. “I’m not wearing a bra.”
“Even better. Look, when else are we going to see a hot teacher get naked?”
“Who said I’m getting naked?”
David wiggled the remote at his friend. “If you want to change back you gotta show me the goods first.”

A young man uses nanobots to transform himself into an exact copy of a family friend and steal her life in I, Copy available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.

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