So much for easy 2

By popular demand: the sequel! Part 1 is here.

Hugh wanted to ask his mom when his punishment would end. When would she switch them back? But his dad hadn’t left him alone lately and Hugh had been compelled to obey his every demand.
It came to a head two days after the swap when Hugh’s dad rolled over in bed and whispered, “Let’s fuck.”
Hugh froze as his dad kissed and groped his mom’s tits. No way did he want to do this. But his dad paused in his kissing long enough to say:
“Play with your tits for me.”
Hugh’s hands came right up to his mom’s tits and he began stroking them, fingers gripping the weighty skin, gently teasing the nipples into sharp spikes of arousal while, between his thighs and contrary to his will, he felt his pussy growing moist and ready.
Hugh’s dad maneuvered down to the bottom of the bed. His cock was fully erect, the head an angry red that demanded release.
“Spread your legs,” his dad said, and Hugh lifted a leg in the air, where his dad caught it before pressing the head of his cock against Hugh’s gaping pussy.
With one smooth thrust his dad slid in, filling Hugh’s hole. He could feel it sliding up inside him, pressing apart the walls of his mom’s cunt. God, he didn’t want to be doing this until his dad said:
“You love being fucked by me.”
And suddenly, Hugh did. Pleasure spiked instantly within him and he moaned in his mom’s voice as he was filled. He was a puddle for his dad, his entire body jiggling as his dad thrust inside until he grunted and came, emptying his hot heat into Hugh’s mom’s body. When his dad finished he collapsed back on to the bed.
“So much better…” he murmured, then stopped himself.
“Better than what?” Hugh asked, still playing with his tits because his dad hadn’t told him to stop even as he had a sinking feeling in his gut.
His dad sighed. “I know it’s you in there, Hugh. But your mom’s happy being young, and I’m happy having a submissive wife.”
Hugh wanted to object but his dad stopped him by ordering him to lick his cock clean. Hugh climbed down the bed and wrapped his mom’s lips around his dad’s cock, sucking off their combined juices, the taste of his mom’s pussy mingling with the sharp taste of his dad’s seed and preventing any further argument.

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    1. Not sure there’s much more interesting things to explore with Hugh here, but maybe try the concept with other family members etc.

  1. I’d love to read an entire story like this a family swap where they are compelled to please/obey.
    A dughter/mother swap, a son/mother swap a brother/sister swap. Compelled to obey every slutty command of their father/boyfriend.
    If this was to become a story I hope there is betrayal like this where the swap is more permenant than the victim thought. Hopefully pregnancy at the end.

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