His cousin

Sam hadn’t planned on possessing his ridiculously hot cousin, Heather. He’d aimed for her boyfriend but had messed up the spell somehow.
Sam suddenly found himself in his cousin’s bathroom. He caught a glimpse of his new face in the mirror and gasped, stepping back in surprise. His bare ass pressed up against the cold tiled walls and he whipped around to stare at his cute butt, which was clad only in tiny pink panties.
“Oh shit,” he said in Heather’s luscious voice.
He stepped in front of the full length mirror and gaped at himself. Heather’s reflection gaped back, her mouth a tiny ‘o’ of surprise. Sam reached up to touch his face, fingers spreading across his new cheeks and lips and nose.
He laughed as the realization hit him that he’d messed up the spell but maybe it wasn’t so bad. He had access to his cousin’s body and could make her do anything he wanted.
“Let’s get a look at these tits,” Sam said just to hear Heather’s voice.
He pulled down the cups of his bra and his new breasts spilled out into his hands. He cupped them and squeezed as he stared into the mirror, watching as he made his cousin fondle herself.
Her tits felt even better than he imagined. They were full and firm and had the most wonderful bounce. His desire played out in his new body, making him wetter and wetter, until he finally had to explore everything.

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