Late for work

Request: Hi, I was wondering if I could request a cap about a group of mischievous boys/teens possessing a husbands wife after they move into a new neighborhood while the husband is away during work?

Jeff and Robbie got their hands on a possession spell at about the same time as a new couple moved into the neighborhood. The instant Jeff met the hot wife he knew who they’d use the spell on.
Today it was Jeff’s turn to be the hot neighbor. As soon as the husband left for work in the morning, Jeff cast the spell and found himself in her body. She was all made up for work and wearing a tight skirt that hugged her plump rear.
Jeff texted Robbie, who arrived a few minutes later. They hurried to the bedroom where Jeff tore off his friend’s clothes and wrapped his lips around Robbie’s dick.Robbie grew hard in his mouth as Jeff slid his lips up and down. After a few days of practice in the hot wife’s body he could suck dick with her mouth like a pro. Robbie groaned as his friend pleasured him, watching the blonde head bob up and down on his cock.
Jeff felt his friend’s cock throb between his lips, and then the salty taste of cum filled his mouth as Robbie thrust up and emptied himself in between Jeff’s lips. Jeff kept his lips locked around the dick, making sure the hot wife swallowed every drop of cum.
When they were done they cleaned themselves off and Jeff jumped out of her. She had no memory of the lost time and couldn’t understand why she was late for work so often.

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