“Whoa! Look at these jugs!” James laughed after yanking back the purple top.
James had tricked Laurie, the single mom from next door, into drinking a potion that would swap their bodies. He pretended to have no knowledge of what had happened. After calming his former self down, he convinced Laurie that they should pretend to be each other until they could swap back. It took awhile, but she finally agreed that was the only course of action.
James acted distraught until he returned to her house, locked the front door and finally had her body to himself.
He stared down at the giant set of tits he now possessed, marveling at how heavy they were, at how much they jiggled with each step he took.
He grabbed his tits, squeezing them in each hand, exploring the shape and heft of himself just as he’d fantasized about doing to Laurie when he was back in his own body.
James could feel himself beginning to grow aroused, a peculiar wet heat growing between his thighs. God, the sight of this body was turning him on!
But before he could go any further, he heard the sound of the front door opening. He quickly yanked his top back down just as Laurie’s son came through the door.
“Hey, mom,” he said as he passed by.
“Hi…son,” James replied.
He went upstairs to Laurie’s bedroom for some privacy, where he got down to the real exploration.

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