Big and powerful

Katie begged and pleaded with her boyfriend, Jay, to use her powers to swap their bodies for a day and try out being the opposite gender. Finally, Jay gave in and agreed. Katie did it before he could change his mind, using her powers to swap their bodies right there in the hallway.
Suddenly she was looking at herself, towering over her former slender body. She laughed with a deep rumble. She felt so big and powerful, her body taking up so much more space.
Jay was a little more reserved. He let out a tiny gasp as he stared down at Katie’s body.
“Go ahead,” Katie encouraged him. “Check out the tits.”
Jay pulled his top up and fondled his new breasts. Watching her former body touch herself made Katie hard. Her cock grew urgent and insistent, a desire too strong to fight building within her.
She stepped forward and kissed Jay. He gasped again, almost pushing her away but she grabbed his waist and pulled him closer. He was trembling but didn’t resist.
“Let me make you feel good,” Katie smiled, stroking Jay’s hair.
She set him down and spread his legs before diving between her thighs. The musky scent of her own pussy made her so horny. She kissed Jay, tracing her tongue up and down his entrance before sliding in to taste his slick folds. Jay moaned and pushed her head closer to him, his body on fire now and needing Katie’s touch.

A girlfriend uses magic to swap bodies with her boyfriend and pleasure him.

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