Faithful new wife

Request: Hey! I just love your caps too much! Its like I am really getting addicted to them. I just love mother/son caption so here’s a request. Natalie was a body hopper and that she had married Brook’s Dad Jake who was a rich businessman. Brook was loved by his Dad so much. The very next day she swapped with Brook in the middle of an intense love making session. And then she went off the country, taking all the money and leaving brook as a wife to his dad for lifetime.

Brook didn’t know that his new stepmom was a body swapper, a supernatural being who could swap bodies with anyone they’d ever touched. He just thought she was a golddigger and he’d made sure his dad had signed an iron clad pre-nup before marrying her.
Brook’s father doted on him, and gave him a hefty salary for doing practically nothing but that allowed him to travel the world partying and having fun. He lived a life of luxury and no responsibility.
Losing it all, along with his body, came suddenly and unexpectedly. One minute he was in a resort in the Bahamas having sex with a petite native, and the next minute he was in someone’s bathroom.
When Brook snapped to awareness in this new situation, he found his eyes staring down at himself. Only it wasn’t his body. This body had big bouncing breasts, lean thighs, and a pussy. He gasped as he watched a cock slide in between his pink folds. He would have thought it was some sort of hallucination if he hadn’t felt it so vividly sliding up through his wet pussy and filling him.
His feet were on someone’s chest and he looked up, gasping in surprise as he saw his dad standing in front of him.
“Dad?” He yelped in a throaty, sensual voice.
“That’s right, I’m your daddy,” his dad grinned.
Before Brook could react, his dad gripped his thighs, spread his legs, and plunged deeper inside. Brook just about lost his balance and gasped again as his dad fucked him hard, cumming before Brook could get his thoughts together. The warm seed filled his new pussy as his dad finished inside him, then kissed him on the lips and pulled out, leaving Brook’s body vibrating, wet, and sticky.
Brook was stuck in his stepmom’s body and, thanks to the pre-nup, if he ever left he would get nothing. He had no ID, no past and no skills. His only option was to remain as his dad’s faithful new wife.

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  1. Very fun caption.

    Just going to make a couple of requests.

    The stranger gets interrupted partway through a mother-son curse. So they have just enough self control to not have sex, but the son keeps going for older women, whilst the mother ends up with younger women.

    A mother and son swap bodies and are told that if they don’t have sex they will turn back. The son is disgusted but the mother gives in, so she hires someone to seduce him so she can blame him for it instead.

    1. Oh that top one was a mistake. The mother would end up attracted to men his age, as the curse would have been to get them to have sex

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