Unexpected surprise

Request: I’d love to request a story where a mother hits hard times and sells her body for a less attractive one, in order to make ends meet, not realising it’s the body of her son’s favourite porn star, who was looking to get out of the game.

Owen had known his mom was going to the transfer center to sell her body and that she would come home wearing the body of someone else. She was still young and fit and the family had fallen on hard times. She’d had very little choice.
What Owen didn’t expect was to find a hot blonde MILF waiting for him in the living room when he came home from school. And not just any hot blonde MILF, but a pornstar he’d been following for a while and had imagined while masturbating many, many times.
“M-mom?” Owen stuttered.
His mom smiled at him and crossed her legs. “Yes, it’s me. This didn’t turn out so bad, huh? I’ve gained some years and I’m a little, uh, stockier in the chest.”
“Do you…” Owen gulped and forced himself to look her in the eyes, even though he was starting to get erect with his favorite pornstar right there in the room with him. “Do you know who this woman is?”
“No idea,” she shook her head. “And no idea why she’d want to give up her body.” She flipped her blonde hair off her neck. “I might need your help with a few things.”

“For instance,” Owen’s mom said, “I’m going to need help figuring out how to play with these tits.”
She threw off her dress. Owen was surprised to see she was naked beneath. She yanked her bra down, spilling one breast into her waiting fingers where she pinched it until it rose to sharp spikes. Her breasts were enormous and full, and Owen just wanted to shove his face in between her cleavage.
She moaned as she played with her nipple, throwing her head back and closing her eyes to enjoy the touch of herself. The moan made Owen rock hard.
Then she spread her legs, revealing her puffy pink pussy and Owen nearly lost it.
“Oh, yes,” she moaned, “God, these tits feel so good. Come over here and fuck me Owen. That’s what I need help with. I need your big cock inside this wet pussy.”
Her voice rose in pitch as she touched herself, approaching the precipice of her orgasm.
“Sure, I can help you,” Owen agreed, diving between her legs and licking her heavenly pussy.

“Did you hear me, Owen?” Owen’s mom said, snapping him back to reality.
“Oh. Umm..”
“I’ll need help with some bank stuff.”
“Oh. Yeah. Right.” Owen blushed.
How the hell was he supposed to act natural around his mom in her new body when he’d seen so much of it? Of course, he wasn’t about to tell his mom any of it. She didn’t need to know that her new body had been involved in the world’s biggest gangbang. She didn’t need to know how many times men had cum on her face and her tits and in her mouth. And she certainly didn’t need to know that Owen knew – and desired – every sweet curve of her current body.
“I’m going to, uh, go up to my room.”
Owen hurried away before his mom could stop him. He fired up his laptop and pulled up some pictures of the porn star who now sat downstairs in his living room. He finished himself off quickly and then sat back in bed.
His mom’s new body was going to make his life very interesting.

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