“Go on,” Ryan said, guiding his friend’s hands to his new tits. “Don’t they feel nice?”
“Oh, shit,” Paul whispered as he squeezed his friend’s breasts. They were wonderfully bouncy and warm. Ryan let him explore, fondling and squeezing lightly as Paul stared at the glorious tits he’d coveted for so long.
Ryan’s dad had invented a machine that could swap bodies and he’d meant to try it out with Ryan’s mom. But Ryan had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and the invention had accidentally swapped him into his mom’s body. The two were stuck while his dad tried to figure out what went wrong.
Ryan was disgusted to be in her body at first, to feel his mom’s tits bounce on his chest and her ass sway behind him whenever he moved. But the disgust had turned to curiosity as he got used to it. A few times over the next couple days he found himself taking the time to thoroughly wash his breasts in the shower, and caressing the round, bubble butt he now possessed. His touch had made him warm and wet, and he was prepared to try out his mom’s body with someone.
Ryan invited over his friend, Paul, who he knew had had a crush on his mom. After convincing him of the truth of what happened, he spread apart his top, revealing his bare breasts.
“Mmm, that feels so good,” Ryan moaned theatrically. Though he was getting horny being touched like this.
It wasn’t long before Ryan was on his back, his mom’s legs spread wide as his friend plunged into his new pussy. He cried out in real pleasure as his friend fucked him, enjoying his mom’s orgasm.

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