In his ex

Cody recognized the bedroom but he still rushed to the mirror to try to understand what happened. He knelt on the leather cushion and leaned on the vanity to stare into the mirror.
His ex-girlfriend’s face stared back at him from the reflection, her mouth open in surprise. Long hair tickled down his back, and the way the air caressed his naked body was incredibly sensual.
Cody’ stared at his face in shock before his eyes glanced down to his tiny breasts. God, he remembered suckling them, remembered how she would squeal in delight as he pinched them while they fucked.
He looked down between his legs, staring at his new pussy. What the fuck had happened? And why was his pussy already so wet? Why did his body feel anxious?
Cody had missed her after the breakup, and now he realized he had her body back he could enjoy one last touch.
He dropped back onto the bed and spread his legs, fingers sliding between the little pussy lips that he’d missed so much. He grew ever wetter, and was soon fingering his ex’s pussy while he twisted on the bed until pleasure exploded through him, a toe-curling orgasm that made him cry out in desperate desire.
Only later would he realize he was stuck in her body after she’d masturbated to him during the FOSE. She was embarrassed to admit it but they did get back together. He had her back and he had her body. All in all, Cody felt like he came out ahead.

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