Now it’s yours

You promised your cousin you wouldn't do anything to her body, hoping that the swapping stone would recharge and allow you to to swap back before the end of the family vacation. But as you lie in bed at night, alone in her room and trying to sleep, your hand creeps down your body.
At first you're just exploring the smooth skin of your tummy and your warm thighs, but curiosity overtakes you and you find the coarse line of your cousin's pubic hair and trace it down your slit. The little pussy lips are tucked together but you can feel the warmth emanating from within.
You stroke slowly, fingers sliding up and down the line of your new entrance. As your body grows warm you spread your legs wide and then spread the slickening lips of your new pussy. You keep your eyes closed, as if that can make up for what you're doing to your cousin's body as you sink a finger into your warm, wet folds.
Your touch is delightful and you gasp, your pussy at once sensitive and tougher than you thought. You stroke up and down, growing wetter beneath your own touch until your fingers land on your clit and another moan bursts from your lips.
That's the spot.
Your cousin's body writhes beneath you and you're keenly aware of the breasts lying on the bed, the long luxurious legs, the taut ass that you secretly coveted. Now it's yours. The thought is exciting. Your body warms as tension twists through you, building with the growing urgency of your fingers until it ends with a crescendo of orgasm. You muffle your moans with the pillow as your little body wiggles with delight, fingers sunk deep into your wet pussy urging every last bit of pleasure from your cousin's body as you enjoy her pleasure.

In the conclusion of Heist, the criminals remain stuck inside the bodies of a normal family, and now to cover their tracks they have to get their girlfriends to possess the bodies of three family friends who’ve figured out their secret. But it all goes wrong when they can’t resist exploring their incredible new forms. Heist (Part Two) is available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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