If I’m going to be stuck

"Come on, mom, if I'm going to be stuck in your body forever I have to learn how to care for it," Cam said as he soaped up his breasts, hands moving across their expanse, holding them up and letting them bounce back together.
I guess so, his mom relented, You just seem to be enjoying my breasts a little too much.
"If I'm going to be stuck in your body I should learn to love it," Cam replied, letting his hands linger on his tits. He stroked his nipples until they pebbled out and a pleasant heat made itself known between his mom's legs.
A lab accident had resulted in Cam and his mom sharing her body. They had to take turns controlling it or else they feared they might hurt her. Cam had been disgusted at first, but he'd gotten used to it as time went on. He sort of enjoyed the way his hips swayed, the sound of his voice, the feel of his hands across his soft skin. And he came to love the way he could create that urgency between his legs.
What are you doing? his mom gasped, as Cam followed the curves of his body down to the coarse pubic hair between his legs.
"If I'm going to be stuck in your body I should learn to make it feel good," Cam breathed, before slipping his fingers into his silky folds for the first time.
His mom's pussy was delightful, sensitive and slick and warm, and he soon brought them both to a wonderful orgasm, enjoying his new body for the first time.

In the conclusion of Heist, the criminals remain stuck inside the bodies of a normal family, and now to cover their tracks they have to get their girlfriends to possess the bodies of three family friends who’ve figured out their secret. But it all goes wrong when they can’t resist exploring their incredible new forms. Heist (Part Two) is available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. is it wrong that i want a continuation where every time he masturbates he gains more control and eventualy absorbs her memories and personality while retaining his sense of self?

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