Good boy

"Oh, Buddy," Belinda sighed, taking her golden retriever's furry head in her hands and giving it a good scritch. He looked up at her with his big brown eyes.
"I wish I could find a man who loved me like you do."
Belinda had recently been dumped by a long time boyfriend. She was pushing forty and depressed, and alone with her dog in the house. After a few glasses of wine she went to bed early and dreamed that a fairy appeared in front of her and told her that her wish would be granted in the morning.
Still, she was extremely surprised when she found a naked man curled up at the foot of her bed where Buddy usually slept. She gave a little scream and the man woke up suddenly, looking up at her with big brown eyes.
"Who are you? What are you doing in my bedroom?"
"I'm Buddy," he said, "And I sleep here."
It took some doing, but Belinda was finally convinced the dream was real. Buddy stood before her, still naked, a huge cock dangling between his legs. Belinda couldn't take her eyes off it.
"What do you want, Belinda? Anything!" Buddy said happily.
"Well, I would love to help you learn about the pleasures of being human."
Belinda took Buddy's cock in hand. It jumped to attention as she caressed it, running her fingers up the long shaft. Buddy was so excited by her body, she could see the utter desire to please in his eyes. He let her lead the way, Belinda slipping out of her nightgown to let Buddy paw at her until she was wet and horny. Then she leaned over and he slipped his cock into her opening, fucking her long and slow, just like she wanted. Doggy style, of course.
"Good boy! Good boy!" Belinda cried as she came hard, shuddering around the incredible cock within her.

In the conclusion of Heist, the criminals remain stuck inside the bodies of a normal family, and now to cover their tracks they have to get their girlfriends to possess the bodies of three family friends who’ve figured out their secret. But it all goes wrong when they can’t resist exploring their incredible new forms. Heist (Part Two) is available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


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