Body Switch Collection: Volume 8

Five previously published erotic short stories by best-selling body swap author M Wills, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Stories in this collection include:

Mommy Dearest (M2F Family Body Swap)
All I had to do was use this old body swap spell I found to swap bodies with my teacher in order to convince my mom I was a great student. Only, I messed it up and now I’m inside my own mom’s body. Although, now that I’m looking at the world through her eyes, there is something very enticing about my curves. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.

The Device (M2F Transformation)
Ken and George have been best friends for years. They’re both smart, nerdy, and complete virgins. But when they find a mysterious alien artifact that can transform them into their fantasy women, everything changes.

First Time for Everything (M2F Possession)
A body hopper uses his power to take a vacation from his high powered executive job and experience the world as a cute blonde. She’s shy and self-conscious about her body, but the hopper teaches her how to wring pleasure from every inch of herself and fully show off her sexuality.

Global Switch (Body Swap)
Follow four different people when they find themselves in new bodies as a result of a phenomenon called the Global Switch as they learn to love the new skin they’re in and explore the full erotic pleasure of their new lives.

Couples Weekend (MtF Body Swap)
When my wife’s best friend invited is to join her and her husband for a couples weekend at their beach house, my wife and I jumped at the chance. But a special weekend away became even more extraordinary when they explained that we’d all be spending the weekend in someone else’s body.

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