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Hi all, I’m interested to see what you’re favorite captions are from all over the web. Add your link and tell me why you like it in the comments! (If your comment doesn’t show up right away it might mean it got caught in my spam filter. I’ll keep an eye on it!)


  1. SomeTG Caps. Label/tag: role exchanger
    Titles: 2021/03/bursting-out body memory
    2021/11/at-worst-time body memory
    Charade Their opinions/desire keep them from fathoming their life choices. This could extend to personalities ex. goth girl gets cheerleader opinion about goths, while still keeping her personality unchanged and be the goth she always has.
    Look at those body memory but also the desire to use the parts you never actually had
    Dressed like – that conflicting personalities
    Difficult time- body memory swap and how the mom considers her own body as her mother’s body
    Loved her boobs
    Put your shirt down
    Don’t like them anymore- desire for a particular trait. It would be interesting to see how his family reacts to this new desire and how his life is with implants
    Apologize- I think the idea of social/cultural opinions or discriminations are applied to themselves.
    Duck face- carols changes are the epitome of all these types.
    Look Ryan I like how multiple side changes are mentioned.
    6/13/23 “right price 4” she is forced to act like a man
    3/6/22 “mindjacking” – this is a cool concept
    8/29/21 “male brain”- body memory
    12/1/20 “not a good day”- I absolutely love how she has different personalities at the same time
    8/12/17 “dick pic” – the slow realization of altered life

    1. I don’t know why but none links or comments I have made are going through. If this goes through I guess I’ll have to just make a list of captions with no links.

  2. My favorite are definitely body thefts! Particularly ones where an enemy, villain, bully, or even twisted friend high on power takes over the body of the main character’s loved one. For example wife girlfriend sister or mom. Things involving affairs, group sex, or Publix exhibition

  3. My favourites are when someone has to wear an article of clothing to shapeshift into someone. There was a caption that I can’t find but it was of a college guy who discovered he could shapeshift into anyone while wearing their clothes and went to the thrift store to buy women’s used clothes and wore a pair of panties that belonged to a trans woman (Aubrey Kate was the image used)

  4. Multibody captions (not mind clone) where the person is in charge of two or more bodies, are really fun. I like the difficulty maintaining control, and the overload of sensation of two bodies. Here’s an example:

    I also love your “helpless inside” series. Your story Copy Paste is awesome because of the fight for control and the horror/pleasure of watching from the inside.


    I love body swaps that involved body thief, also life thief and I like the “stuck” category too, like, when the victim can’t do anything but enjoy, when they can’t say anything because of the pleasure. So yeah, this kind of posts are my favorite 🙂 Id love to see more like it, at least more of these things, as I haven’t seen you post more like it recently

  6. What I love is when there is the clash between body and mind, with the person kinda forced to be what they look like. Your Stranger caps would be an example of that as well, though a bit specific and maybe too extreme sometimes.

    This is a great series:
    This, too:

    Also, I like it more when the caption is using scenes from TV/movies rather than stock photos or porn pics, although I understand the limitations that come with it… So that’s why I mostly follow you (more hardcore stuff) and Crestf, SomeTG caps, as you nicely complete each other.

    1. Second that these were the best captions. Shame he/she just disappeared. Reason being is it followed my two favorite themes:
      1. being trapped/stuck in EXTREMELY unfavorable life situations, but getting equally satisfying pleasure from being a woman.
      2. The main character often was stuck and no one knew it. I love the idea of just slipping into someone’s life and having to become them with no one ever knowing there was a swap. It’s especially hot if they are confronted by pushy men (horny ex boyfriends, bosses, etc)

  7. Love your captions a lot! Oooh a lot actually:

    I used to be hooked on randomtgcaptions, unfortunately not very acrive anymore:

    This one is also old, but good:

    I also really like these even though it is not really a caption:

    1. I love body sharing captions. Your story (M), chemical attraction, is still one of my favorites that I go back to in my kindle library every now and again.

    1. I like the family bonding caption, though I’d think it would be hard to “accidentally” sit on someone’s lap like that!

  8. Swap Roulette:

    I really love how they have fun with different bodies and how they pretend to be another person to trick the others, i also like that the Shapeshifter can not just shift nto another person, or make the boobs bigger. But that they can shift their whole body how they like, for example shifting a tongue into a dick.

    Our Son The Switcher:

    It has a special place in my heart, because it was one of the first body swap content i read. I love how only one person can swap the others and just wants to have fun with new bodies. He wishes that they all have fun but the family is not very open minded. But with time some also want to have fun and he gladly helps them. It is a great written big series.

  9. I like really dark twisted forced/unexpected swaps, when the victim is then stuck. like ‘Drink it down’, would love a part 2 of this one. Maybe where they slip up and stewie’s mind is freed. Let him realise what’s happened and what he’s been doing, let him flip out, still in the female body and then unknowingly he drinks from a glass that has cum in it dooming him again.

    And ‘Whatever’, is awesome too, would love to find out how the guy stuck in his ex gf body is getting on. Would be cool if the ex is keeping track of her old body and loving knowing his miserable and having to degrade himself to get by.

  10. I have two that I like from the same source, which is the The Swapping Grounds

    Never Threaten A Switcher.

    I like this little story as it shows the aftermath of being affected by a Switcher, as well as how the victims are trying to adjust to their new lives while also living with the same person who caused them to be in their new bodies.

    Aren’t you excited for school?

    I like this story because it is one of thr many full stories in which we get to see how at first the swap was to get away from doing something they don’t like, in this case the son swapping with the mom to get out of school, until the finale where the person who first started the swap has fully adapted to their body’s mannerism that they decide to not swap back while the original owner of the body has their mentality changed to better fit their current body.

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