“Shh, shh, it’s okay,” I said, comforting my boyfriend as he sat crying in my body. “Being a woman isn’t so bad.”
I tricked my boyfriend into swapping bodies with me, promising we could switch back. He had so much fun in my body and I had so much fun in his. I tempted him to do more and more until finally he let me slip my new cock inside him. God, who knew my former pussy felt so good?
I cam pretty quickly the first time. I think my boyfriend was relieved because he immediately asked to swap back. I got out the spell book and recited the spell but, oopsie, looked like cumming in his body made the swap permanent. I, of course, had known that and intended to steal his body from the start. But I had to pretend to be the comforting girlfriend, er, boyfriend.
I rubbed his slender shoulders and whispered soothing words into his ear to quiet him. All the while I was completely excited about my new life. i could still feel his wetness on my dick and I wondered if he’d let me have sex with him one more time before I broke up with him.
Wow. Less than a day in this body and I’m already thinking with my cock.
Yeah. I’ve been planning to leave for a long time. Now I’ve got his body and his money and his life. He can be the little woman for a change. My body has no degree and very little work experience so good luck with all that. Maybe he can latch on to some rich man and be his toy. Whatever. As long as he’s out of my house.

In the near future a young man gets a rare chance to go on a tour of battlefield sites in another country. The only catch is that he has to do it in a woman’s body in Trip of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords, Amazon or BodySwapStories. Preview here.

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