No trouble finding a hottie

The butler held the door for me as I strode in to my new house. I could feel how my dress pinched my sister’s body and slid up at the leg. The old lech butler was probably staring at my ass but that was just one more thing I would have to get used to in my sister’s body. It was well worth it for the money. Let him look, as long as he took orders.
My mom wrote me out of her will after my drug and alcohol problems. She gave the house and everything to my sister. Mom thought little Susan could do no wrong while I was the huge disappointment.
Well, fuck that.
I found a shaman that swapped our bodies and I stole my sister’s life. She landed in my ailing body while I got her petite blonde form. Even better, she got all my addictions.
No one believed her wild tale of body swapping. They all thought it was just another of “my” relapses. She was soon back on a binge as I moved into my new house.
Yeah, it took some adjusting being a woman. It helped that my sister was hot and I enjoyed touching myself. Who knew Susan had such great tits?
I ditched Susan’s fiance because yuck. Not interested in men. But Susan had a best friend who “consoled” me through my break up with my fiance. Her best friend was a hot piece of ass. Maybe I could fuck her.
If not, I was a rich lesbian now. I should have no trouble finding a hottie for this body.

In the near future a young man gets a rare chance to go on a tour of battlefield sites in another country. The only catch is that he has to do it in a woman’s body in Trip of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords, Amazon or BodySwapStories. Preview here.


  1. However, after her first lesbian hookup, the new Susan realizes that she does in fact crave dick…. With her new body that should be no problem indeed!

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