Lean into it

Tanya knew her boyfriend, Jimmy, had a crush on her mom. Rather than fight it, Tanya decided to lean into it. She found a magic spell that let her possess her mom and used it one day when Jimmy was over.
Tanya came downstairs in her mom’s body, dressed only in a bra and panties. Jimmy couldn’t believe his luck and soon the two were going at it on the couch.
Tanya’s mom’s tits bounced back and forth as Jimmy pumped into her new pussy. Tanya had no idea her mom’s body felt so good. Her pussy was so wet and sensitive, and her boyfriend’s dick fit her so well. She cried out in her mom’s voice, pushing her ass back to impale herself on her boyfriend’s cock until she shivered and came unexpectedly. The orgasm was tremendous, better than any she’d ever had.
Tanya and Jimmy both enjoyed Tanya’s time inside her mom. So much so that they did it more and more, until Tanya was essentially living as her mom.
Tanya had her mom’s money, her mom’s body, and kept her boyfriend. It was perfect.
No one knew the real reason Tanya had disappeared, and they spread the rumor that she’d gone to live with their dad. Sure, people thought it was strange that Tanya’s mom was dating Tanya’s old boyfriend. But people did weird stuff.
Whenever Tanya’s new body got too old she would jump out and resume her own life. But for now she just wanted to have fun.

In the near future a young man gets a rare chance to go on a tour of battlefield sites in another country. The only catch is that he has to do it in a woman’s body in Trip of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords, Amazon or BodySwapStories. Preview here.


  1. Sequel with pregnancy and maybe the mom returns but in the daughters body and tries to steal the boyfriend from her and she falls in love with him

  2. Could I request a caption set after a possession, where the victim is still somewhat effected. For example, their orientation shifts a little so they don’t feel as attracted to their boyfriend, or they can’t quite remember how to dress nicely or certain muscle memories are gone, and they have to focus on acting normally.

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