Temporary stripper

The best thing about being able to possess people was being able to try out their lives. Rich was curious about how it would feel to be a stripper so he waited outside the club one night and possessed a gorgeous woman with jet black hair and a killer figure.
It was fun flirting and getting hit on by men all night. And dancing in front of the crowd was spectacular. He twisted and moved in his lithe body, gradually tossing off his clothes until he wore nothing but heels.
He crawled on the stage, spreading his legs and showing his new pussy to the crowd while he gazed at his beautiful image in the mirror behind the stage. His tits hung from his chest, swinging with each motion. He arched his back to catcalls and whistles from the crowd.
The men showered him with dollar bills and he danced for them, being more free with this body than the original occupier would have. It was against the strip club rules but he let the strangers touch his tits and stroke his pussy for an extra fifty.
Rich earned even more taking groups of men to the back and charging them money to eat him out and more money for him to ride them all, either one at a time or all together.
Rich was the most popular stripper of the night Customers clamored to take him back to the champagne rooms and management turned a blind eye as long as he kept bringing in money. They didn’t care who he spread his legs for.

In the near future a young man gets a rare chance to go on a tour of battlefield sites in another country. The only catch is that he has to do it in a woman’s body in Trip of a Lifetime, available on Smashwords, Amazon or BodySwapStories. Preview here.

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