Every Day (Body Transformation)

A high school basketball star is put under a curse by the school loser that sees him transformed into a different fictional woman every day in Every Day, available on Smashwords, Amazon or BodySwapStories.

Corey has it all. He’s a star athlete on a his basketball team and is heading to the championships. He’s got an incredible girlfriend who also happens to be a sexy cheerleader. And just about everyone in school loves him.

That starts to change one day when Corey wakes up in the very real body of a fictional woman. No one seems to notice his transformation. The world treats him as if he were the same old Corey despite his curvy new body and the fact that he now looks like some sort of hot vampire goth. Corey is the only one who seems to notice the delicious sway of his new hips and the massive pair of bouncing breasts he now owns. And the only one who gets to enjoy them.

Well, not the only one.

It seems that the creepy loner, George, is very much enjoying Corey’s new look. It was George that cursed him to transform into a different woman every day. And with each new body comes new mental changes. Corey slowly finds himself attracted to men. Attracted to George. And the world is slowly warping to make this new reality permanent.

Corey’s new bodies feel so amazing when he touches himself. And his sexy forms are so enticing to men, so ready to respond to their slightest touch with the most awful pleasure. There is one chance to break the spell. But first, Corey has to break the hold these new transformations have on his mind.

Corey dribbled the ball up the court, sidestepping one defender after another with ease. At the top of the key he was brought up short by Mike, the tallest guy on the team.

Corey feinted right before stepping back around to his left, hoping for an opening to drive to the net. Mike kept right on top of him. A quick glance at the rest of the court showed all his team covered by other players and only a few seconds left on the clock.

“Bring it,” Mike panted.

Corey flicked his eyes to the left, keeping half an eye on Mike as he stared at the cheerleaders practicing just to the side of the court. Both groups had complained when they were forced to share a practice space but with the championship game coming up in a few days both groups needed all the practice they could get. Besides, practicing together had its perks. As Corey watched, the beautiful Megan Majors was getting launched up into the air, her sizable breasts struggling to break free of her sports bra. A cheer went up from the group as they caught her.

Mike’s eyes followed Corey’s, only a glance, but it was all he needed. Corey snapped around Mike’s backside and drove unmolested to the net for an easy layup just as the buzzer for the scrimmage sounded.

Corey tossed the ball to Mike. “Eyes on the ball, man.”

Mike swore at him and the Coach interrupted. “All right guys, gather up.”

Mike jogged over to the sidelines with Corey, complaining all the while. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to practice in here with all that going on?” Mike gestured to the row of scantily clad cheerleaders now practicing splits, kicking their legs up to reveal miles of gorgeous, tanned leg.

“Good job today, guys,” Coach Thompson barked. Everything Coach said was barked loudly, even his compliments. Mike had a running joke where he would act out what it must be like for Coach’s wife to have sex with him. (“Right there! Take it to the hole! Go, go, go! Good job! Bring it in.”)

“We face Derbyville this Friday. That gives you just five more days to get your shit together.” Coach continued. “They’re good but we can beat those sons of bitches. You guys just need to concentrate and work together and keep your head in the game.” This last was directed at Mike. “I’ve already cleared some space in the cabinet for the trophy. That’s how confident I am that you guys are gonna bring it home. Now get showered, go home, and get some rest. I don’t want anyone getting sick on me this week. Bring it in.”

The team put their hands into the circle and gave a hearty cheer. Afterwards, they grabbed their water bottles and moved towards the locker room.

“Hey,” Corey said, turning away from the shower entrance to look back at the cheer team. “You go on ahead. I’ve got to talk with Megan about something.”

“I’ll bet you do.” Mike gave a predatory grin. “Just remember what coach said.” He gave a long slow thrust of his hips. “Get some rest.”

Megan was talking to some of the other girls as Corey approached. She glanced over at him and gave a tiny wave. Her friends saw him coming and they split off, giggling to each other.

Megan had an elegant face with exquisite cheekbones and laughing eyes. Her body was toned from hours of practicing cheerleading and gymnastics, but she still had an exquisite hourglass figure with taut breasts that fit perfectly between Corey’s lips. When she smiled at Corey it was like no one else was in the room.

 “Hey handsome,” she said. He pulled her in for a hug and she protested. “Don’t hug me, I’m all sweaty.”

“That’s okay,” Corey said, “you’re beautiful when you’re sweaty.”

 “Okay, correction,” Megan laughed. “Don’t hug me. You’re all sweaty.”

“That’s okay, too.” Corey said pressing his forehead against hers. “I’m also beautiful when I’m sweaty.” He pulled back, his arms lightly on her hips as he gazed down at her.

“How was practice?” She asked, looking up at him with her brilliant blue eyes.

“Didn’t you see? You won me the game.”

“Did I now? Sounds like I’m a pretty good cheerleader then.”

“The best.” Corey grinned, pulling her in close again and slipping a loose strand of her hair back behind one perfect ear. “Do you want to come over tonight?”

“I wish. I could really use the break, but I’ve got to study.”

“I thought you were doing a big cram session last night?”

“I was! I had this whole thing with Becky and Claire but, like, they just wanted to party all night and we got no studying done and I’m just not getting it. It’s, like, science, math, sure, I understand it, it’s a system, no problem. But history? It’s just a big jumble of dates and events. And you know what Ms. Harper’s tests are like.”

“Maybe I could help you study. I do pretty well in history.”

Megan laughed. “Are you kidding? We’d wind up spending the whole night making out like last time.”

“That wasn’t my fault!” Corey laughed.

“No, but it still happened.” Megan smiled and ran her eyes over Corey’s athletic form as her fingers traced his solid pecs. “Not that I’m complaining.”

 “Well, maybe we could get it out of our system now?” Corey raised an eyebrow. “That way we don’t have to worry about it later.”

Megan let out a heavy breath. Corey leaned down for a kiss, but Megan put a finger to his lips. She glanced around the gymnasium at the handful of people still loitering around. “God, you’re such a bad influence on me.” She took his hand and lead him back behind the bleachers.

When the bleachers were unfolded, like they were now, they offered tons of space beneath. The crisscrossing beams made one virtually invisible from the outside, and the abandoned chairs and tables that had been dumped in the makeshift storage area just behind the bleachers added an extra layer of protection. They threaded their way between the discarded desks until they were safely hidden.

Megan turned to him and they kissed. Corey’s hands slid down Megan’s back and caressed her solid ass. She melted into him and he felt himself growing hard. After a minute Megan pulled away and eyed him hungrily.

“I love your body.” Megan traced a hand along Corey’s broad chest. While most of the basketball team was lean, years of cross-training had given Corey the body of a linebacker. Not only was he tall, sure, and swift on the court, but he brought enough muscle to let the other team know that he was serious.

She pulled him down towards her, urgent now, desperate to taste him. Her lips were sweet, her breath hot. Corey’s heart pounded in his chest as she pressed herself against his growing erection. He slipped his tongue past hers as he explored the familiar depths of her mouth. Her breathing became heavy as she ground her body harder against him.

Corey ran his fingers through her long blonde hair and then down her lithe, athletic body, rubbing every familiar curve, pulling her already needy form into the rock that was his body. Megan moaned into his mouth. She seemed as horny as he was and he hoped she was up for a quick blow job. They’d done it here a few times before and it was fantastic. The perfect stress reliever. Every one of his senses was on alert for someone approaching and they just seemed to make the whole thing hotter.

“Wait.” Corey pulled back as a slight noise caught his attention. “What was that?”

“What was what?”

Corey swung his head around. “Listen.”

“Come on,” Megan looked around, huddling close to Corey. “Don’t spook me like that.”

Corey heard the noise again. The sound of a shoe gently scuffing the floor. Corey turned and looked behind him. There, leering at them from the darkness beneath the far end of the bleachers, was the heavyset form of George Anderson.

“Oh!” Megan shrieked as she followed his gaze.

Corey caught George’s piggy eyes. George stared at him for a moment as if challenging him. Then he dropped his eyes and slunk away.

“Oh my god, that guy is such a creep.” Megan shivered.


“He’s the worst. He’s always leering at the girls on the team. It’s like he doesn’t even care that he’s being a total perv. Becky said she once caught him following her home after school. She had to call Jack to come pick her up.”

“That is fucking creepy.”

Corey had seen him around. George was one of the Goth kids—to Corey, anyone who wore all black was classified as ‘Goth’. George was overweight, antisocial, ultra-nerdy. Everything Corey wasn’t. Corey didn’t understand those sorts of people. How could someone let themselves go like that? It was like they had no self-control. Plus his slightly menacing air was off-putting, like he was deliberately trying to antagonize people.

“No, yeah, he’s a total creep. This isn’t the first time I’ve caught him staring at me, either. It’s just…yuck.”

“Do you want me to do something about him? I can talk to him maybe?”

“Yeah, sure,” Megan laughed, “I’ll just have you beat him up for me, huh? I’m sure that would stop him.”

 “Oh man, could you imagine?” Corey couldn’t help but smile.  “It would be like punching a big ball of foam.”

“You’re my hero, you know that? But no, you’d better not. You wouldn’t want his smell rubbing off on you.”

Corey laughed, then leaned down to give Megan another kiss but Megan put her hands on his chest.

“Ugh, no, we’d better stop. That totally killed my mood. He could still be around somewhere for all we know, trying to peep on us. Save it for the moose this weekend.”

The moose was a running joke between the two of them. Megan’s dad had a cabin up in the mountains with a giant moose head above the fireplace. Megan was always a little creeped out by it and thought it seemed to be watching her every move. The plan was for the two of them to go up to the cabin after the game. They’d either mourn their loss or celebrate their win.

As the two left the bleachers they saw George scowling at them. His look was dark and ominous. It gave Corey the shivers. He put his arm around Megan protectively and they headed away.

* * * * *

Corey shuffled around the food on his plate. He was struggling. Whole-grain penne primavera topped with strips of grilled steak. It wasn’t bad, but there was a lot of it. Protein and complex carbs. It was the family’s traditional pre-event meal leading up the big game. Corey’s father insisted. Also traditional was the speech about competition preparation, which his dad was in the middle of giving. It was the same lecture he always gave whenever Corey had a big game coming up.

Corey shared a look across the table with James, the English exchange student the family was currently hosting. James had been living with them for a few months and slotted right into the family with his love of all things sport. His solid physique matched Corey’s, which Corey suspected further endeared James to Corey’s dad. Corey and James commiserated about Corey’s dad’s ultra-competitiveness, which they both found too much at times.

“I think what your father is trying to say, sweetie,” said Corey’s mother, taking advantage of a moment’s hesitation as Corey’s father stopped to draw breath, “is that we know you’re going to do great. And win or lose, we’re all so incredibly proud of you.”

Corey’s father raised an eyebrow and shot his wife a glare. She smiled cheerily as she returned it. Corey’s mom had been a cheerleader back when his dad had done varsity and she’d been his trophy wife ever since. Just one of the many awards currently decorating the living room. She seemed to relish her role and spent her time shopping, staying fit, and taking care of the house.

“Yeah, man,” agreed James. “But if you turn out to be a total loser I get your room.”

Corey dug an elbow into James’s side. James just laughed and elbowed him back.

“Hey! Hey! Cut it out!” roared Corey’s father. “Corey, you need to save your strength. And I don’t want you getting hurt or anything, either. God forbid something should happen to you before the game. There’s going to be scouts there. Scouts! Your whole life is going to depend on how well you do in that game.”

“Dad, come on,” said Corey “It’s just a game.”

“It’s not just a game. This is going to set the course for the rest of your life. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I’d lost my last high school game. Paul Smits was out sick and it was up to me to carry our team. We were down by seventeen at the half and the coach pulled us up and said…”

Corey zoned out as his dad launched into the story of How He Was Discovered. A thrilling tale featuring Corey’s dad doing fantastical things. It was another story heard a thousand times before. Corey had half a mind to lose the game just so he wouldn’t be tortured by his dad’s endless demands for perfection. But, of course, Corey himself was a perfectionist and could do nothing less than his best.

That night, Corey tossed and turned, but he couldn’t seem to sleep comfortably. It was too hot and too cold, and no matter how he rolled over he felt like there was a great weight pushing down upon him.

And then the morning came and everything changed.


Corey struggled as he sat up in bed. His sleep-addled body felt heavy and unfamiliar. He shook his head, but something about it seemed so ponderous and heavy. Something soft tickled down his face. There was a weight on his chest which seemed to be pulling him forward. Corey looked down and stared with wide eyes down cleavage composed of the biggest tits he’d ever seen that now hung from his own chest. They were round, and pale white and perfectly formed, held in place by a black velvet top with long sleeves and a neckline cut so low it almost split the top in half.

He reached up to grab the mammoth tits, panic flooding his brain. Why did he have tits? His hands landed on them and he felt them move, felt them land in his hand, felt them bounce on his chest. And his hands! The fingernails were painted a deep black and elegantly polished and curved. His skin soft and hairless. A woman’s hands.

“The hell…?” Corey whispered. Even his voice had changed and was now luxuriously smoky and feminine.

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  1. Suggestion for next story….. do one where a male character takes over a beautiful woman’s life without her condoning it. I’m a big fan of the hostile takeover, body hopper, possession , and body swap stories where the male plots a way to steal the life of the beautiful women he has now become

  2. Would you mind listing a few of the characters he changes into? I’d be more inclined if they are characters I’m aware of. Or what they are from.

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