Birthday wishes

Request: Hey! My birthday is coming up and thought I’d throw an idea out there with a birthday kinda theme. Please could I have a caption where a son (Morgan) is living with his single father after his mother left years ago. It’s his birthday and he wishes he could see his mother again and wishes that she’s okay and safe. Reality warps around him and he turns into his mother at that moment that he made the wish. Turns out she was having sex with her new husband at that time and is living a life of luxury in a large house with wealth. Morgan trues to wish himself back but it doesn’t work and is stuck living his mother’s comfortable and wealthy life. Preferably if you could use Gianna Michaels as the model for the mother would be awesome! Thank you!

Morgan lived with his single dad and hadn’t seen his mom since she disappeared years ago. So for his birthday wish he wished he could see his mother again and that she would be okay and safe. The instant he blew out the candles reality warped around him.
Morgan was suddenly lying on top of someone. His own tongue was out, sliding across one of his nipples. Something ticklish draped down over his chest, and something warm and firm was lodged deep inside him.
Opening his eyes Morgan saw that he was licking his own tit, and it was being held by a man. Morgan looked down at his body in shock and saw large bouncing breasts and an elegant feminine body. Spreading his legs, he found that he now owned a pussy, and it was filled with the cock of the man he was sitting on.
“Oh fuck!” Morgan cried.
The mane below him apparently took that as his cue to thrust harder. Morgan couldn’t get his balance, and the pleasure rushing through him didn’t help. Before he knew it he was crying out in an orgasm as the cock throbbed inside him, filling him with hot cum.
Morgan rolled off the man, still recovering from the shock of finding himself here and from the orgasm. In a mirror across from him he saw the naked body of his mom and realized that his wish had placed him in her body.
“I wish I was myself again,” Morgan said, but nothing happened.
Morgan was stuck living his mom’s life with her rich lover. It would take some time to get used to his new body and his new life but eventually he came to love being inside his mom.

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  1. I can not describe how much joy a Mother/Son swap gives me, it’s SO hot. Always some S tier milfs, and S tier content from you.

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