The prostitute spreads her ass and slowly sinks down onto my cock. Christ, her ass is so tight. I can feel my cock spreading her apart as I slowly slide inside her warmth. Finally she’s sitting on me and I’m lodged deep inside her, her tight asshole gripping my dick. I moan in pleasure.
The world seems to jump forward and up suddenly. There’s a huge pressure in my ass, like something is lodged inside me. It’s kind of painful and pleasurable at the same time.
I realize my hands are on a man’s knees and there’s a warm body behind me. I look down and am greeted with the sight of the prostitute’s big fake tits. Only they’re hanging from my chest. I take a breath to scream and someone claps their hand over my mouth.
“Shhh, don’t do that,” a familiar voice whispers. “They’ll kick you out of the hotel.”
I turn slightly, terrified as I see my own body behind me, someone else controlling it.
“That’s right, you’re me now,” my body grins as he thrusts up deeper inside me.
I grimace, knowing it’s my own cock inside this foreign asshole. Still, I can’t deny that it feels good, that this body is ready for more.
He keeps pumping into me and I’m slightly ashamed as I orgasm, trembling around him while he cums inside me. His hot spurting cum fills me and I clench my eyes in pleasure and pain.
“Oh fuck yes,” I moan.
It’s the first night of my new life and I’m already acting like a whore.

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