Puppet Master

The Puppet Master struck as I was having breakfast. I thought the slight blurriness of my vision was just from being groggy in the morning, but it was actually the first sign of the Puppet Master borrowing my senses. I didn’t know it then but he was looking through my eyes.
Next thing I knew I lost control of my hands. One reached up and yanked down my bra to grab a breast, while the other plunged down my panties. My fingers found my pussy and began stroking as the other hand squeezed one of my tits. It shouldn’t have felt good. My hands were so rough on my body, nothing at all like the gentle caresses I usually craved. But the Puppet Master was feeding his emotion into me and I loved every second.
He made me feel so good squeezing my fat breast, kneading the heavy weight between my fingers until my nipples stood to attention. He made me cry out in lust as my fingers stroked faster against my clit until they were dripping wet and my body was taut with pleasure.
“Fuck, this little pussy is amazing” The Puppet Master spoke through my mouth, enjoying my orgasm as I came around my fingers, pleasure roiling my body, my fingers continuously working back and forth inside me until the pleasure finally abated.
My vision cleared and my body was once again mine to control. I was ashamed at how horny I’d felt even as the dampness still soaked my panties.
I wasn’t the first victim of the Puppet Master and I wouldn’t be the last.

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