Running away so soon?

I was over at my friend’s house when the Stranger walked in. I knew who it was immediately and started to run but he flicked his hand and the whole world changed in a blink. Suddenly I was in the body of my friend’s busty mom and she was in my body. Her momentum nearly carried her into the wall as the Stranger laughed. I tried to slip away again. Even if I was stuck in my friend’s mom’s body forever it was better than whatever he was about to do. But again he stopped me.
“Running away so soon? We’re about to have so much fun!”
He laughed in glee and before I knew it I found myself stripping to my bra and panties. My new tits bounced so enticingly as I dropped to my knees in front of my friend. He’d already pulled out his cock and I found my hand wrapping around his shaft and my lips opening to wrap around his cockhead. I couldn’t control myself as I leaned forward and sucked on my friend’s cock with his mom’s lips. I looked up into his eyes, pleading with him, hoping he knew I didn’t want this any more than he did. He seemed disgusted but neither of us could stop until he throbbed between my lips. He filled my mouth with his cum and I was forced to gulp it down.
Then I had to do the same to his dad and his brother and my former body. At least when it was over I was free to move around on my own again. Though I was stuck in this body forever.

A high school basketball star is put under a curse by the school loser that sees him transformed into a different fictional woman every day in Every Day, available on Smashwords, Amazon or BodySwapStories. Preview here.


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