Wedding night

Ashley gasped in delight as her new husband and lover slipped inside her stolen body for the first time. Ashley had always been jealous of her coworker, Hannah. Her life seemed perfect from outside: great job, amazing fiance, hot body.
So Ashley had stolen everything by swapping bodies with Hannah on the day of her wedding. Ashley's old body was left drugged up and locked in her dingy apartment. By the time she escaped it would be too late; the spell would be sealed forever.
Ashley's new husband slipped his arms around her and they pressed their foreheads together as he pushed into her, inch by gentle inch. She leaned back, welcoming him inside and he slid in and out of her slowly, both of them enjoying the intimacy. Ashley's new pussy stretched around her lover's cock. He felt so big inside her, so perfect, fitting her like a glove.
He gritted his teeth and came without warning, grabbing her hips and pulling her towards him as he thrust into her. She felt every wonderful throb as he emptied himself inside her and she laughed in wonder as his seed sealed the spell.
The quick session wasn't nearly enough to quench the fire burning through her, and when he pulled out Ashley lay back and stroked herself, fingers exploring her new folds, lubricating herself with her new husband's seed and playing tight circles across her clit, staring up at her stolen husband until she came. Her husband watched on as she shuddered and flexed around her fingers, a slight smile on his face as he gazed in wonder at his new wife.

A freak accident swaps a young man into the body of his best friend’s girlfriend where he discovers his masochistic side in Better Than Ever, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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