Better Than Ever (MtF Body Swap)

A freak accident swaps a young man into the body of his best friend’s girlfriend where he discovers his masochistic side in Better Than Ever, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Had Jared always been so emotionally flat? Cole had a sudden impulse to get a rise out of him. To get some deeper emotion.

“I remember…we had a fight about this house. You were going to kick me out or something?”

“No, no, no. We…” Jared grimaced. “We don’t need to talk about it.”

“No,” Cole insisted, driving the knife deeper, his sadistic streak coming to the fore. “Tell me why you yelled at me.”

“I didn’t yell at you. Look, it was about my friends coming over, but—”

“That’s right,” Cole pretended to remember. “You didn’t respect me.”

“Let’s not start this,” Jared growled.

There it was. That spark. That anger hidden below the surface. Cole knew as well as anyone how powerful that anger mixed with desire could be.

“Right. Let’s avoid this like you avoid everything.”

Some part of him—the Autumn part? Leftover from the well-trod pathways in her brain?—wanted to pick a fight, to berate Jared just to show him who was in control. The Cole part also wanted to berate him, but only to drive Jared to force, to encourage him to use and abuse this wonderful new body. What would such magnificent pain feel like from within Autumn? How would it feel to punish her from inside her own body? Cole felt a gentle slickness growing between his thighs as he watched Jared struggle with his anger, clenching his fist.

Jared said nothing and after a moment Cole said, “Do you want to hit me?”

“No. Of course not,” Jared said, unclenching his fist. “Never.”

“Pussy,” Cole smiled wickedly and marched upstairs, leaving Jared to stew.

Christ, that had been so wickedly fun. Cole hurried through their bedroom to the bathroom. He locked the door and tossed off his clothes. His naked body stretched down below him. His breasts were small and firm, and they wobbled lightly as he reached out to turn on the shower. The slickness between his thighs was welcoming and curious. He stepped into the hot shower and let the water splash down over his head and sluice between his breasts.

Cole grabbed his tits and pressed them together, watching them expand as he mushed them up against his body. He could get each hand around them with room to spare but they were so fun to fondle and stroke. He dug his fingers into Autumn’s perky tits, his fingers dimpling the skin, squeezing, squeezing as a wonderful dull pain throbbed through his breasts. He dropped them and let them bounce down before gathering them again. He squeezed roughly, pinching his tiny pink nipples.

“You like that you stupid bitch?” Cole whispered to himself.

He made Autumn’s hands torture herself, pinching and prodding her taut breasts. God, it felt so good manhandling them. He dropped them and slapped the side of one tit lightly, watching as it jiggled back and forth. The pain was a beacon, calling to him, and he slapped his tit again harder. And again. And again. Each smack reverberated through the shower, making his skin red and his body tingle.

He half-turned and gripped his taut ass, squeezing one trim cheek and watching it jiggle. Then he slapped his butt hard, the satisfying smack accompanied by a wave of delicious pain that made him moan. He pinched and poked and prodded and smacked his body, treating himself roughly, gripping his little tummy and abusing himself.

“You dumb cunt. You selfish bitch,” he said in her voice.

Every sharp stab of pain grew the ache between his legs until he was wetter than water. He slid his hand between his legs and touched his pussy for the first time, moaning as his fingers glided across his coarse pubic hair and the slickness of his velvety folds. He was already so wet, so warm, and he stroked up and down. His fingers slid inside his entrance for the first time, pussy lips clasping his fingers as he fingered Autumn’s body for the first time.

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