Come on, you young stud

"Hey, you ready for round four yet?" Logan asked, leaning on the door of his roommate's bedroom.
His new body was still damp. Both from the shower and the masturbation session he'd just had while in it. The Great Shift had swapped him into the body of Erin, a young mom in his apartment building. Her body was easily aroused, and Logan was constantly horny just walking around as her. The combination resulted in a lot of time spent fondling his heavy breasts and fingering his sensitive pussy.
Logan's roommate, Greg, was the beneficiary of all this horniness. Logan was only too happy to share his curvy body with Greg and happily bounced on Greg's cock until they both came.
Greg looked up at him from the bed, exhausted. "Oh man, already?"
"Come on, you young stud," Logan laughed, sending his breasts jiggling. "This body is so fucking horny you don't even know."
"I just...I need a break."
"Ugh. Fine," Logan rolled his eyes.
"I'm going out, then."
"Like that?" Greg asked.
"Yeah. Like this. I'm so fucking horny I'm not in the mood to do subtlety, you know? I'm sure the guys next door would like to have a go with me."
So saying, Logan left the house naked and knocked on the door of the apartment next door. The guys there were happy to let him in. It was obvious what Logan wanted and they were happy to give it to him. He was sure that Greg could hear his loud cries of pleasure through the walls of the apartment.

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