Whoopsy doodle

"Oh, God, I'm Kelly?"
Lucas grimaced as he stared at the face reflecting back from his phone's camera. Kelly's image did the same, forehead crinkling in disgust as he stared at the woman who'd made his life miserable. And somehow she'd put him into her body.
He pulled the strap of his bra back up his shoulders and covered himself. Though it was hard to actually cover himself because Kelly had made sure to be wearing a skimpy outfit. Maybe she thought the sight of her nearly naked body would drive Lucas wild with desire. Kelly -- Lucas's ex-girlfriend -- was hot, sure, but she was fucking crazy.
And, to make matters worse, she was a witch.
They'd swapped bodies a few times when they were dating and had some sexy fun. But Lucas always thought the spell required his permission. Apparently, Kelly had found a way to do it on her own.
A text came up on the phone in his hands: Whoopsy doodle! I'm so sorry. Made a mistake with the spell. Meet me so we can switch back.
Uh huh.
Kelly had been trying to get back with him for months. Lucas had sought the assistance of a warlock to guard him from any of her love spells, but he never thought she would resort to this. Still, she had his body and there was nothing he could do but play along.
Lucas found himself in a hotel room, with no other clothes around. He didn't like the idea of parading around in Kelly's body dressed only in sexy lingerie, but he didn't seem to have a choice.

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  1. Kelly had tried to get around Lucas’s love spell protection a few times, and thought that maybe if she cast it on Lucas’s mind when he was in her body it might remain when they switched back. Sure enough lucas triggered the love spell as he looked at himself in the mirror, but this was an unusual situation to be in love with the body he was in. He forgot all about his hatred for her and simply wanted to be her forever. He was turned on by his own body and never wanted this to end. When Kelly finally made her way over to the hotel room to see what was going on with Lucas she was hit with a completely unpredictable spell side effect. Because her mind and current body was linked to her spell she became in-love and obsessed with her old body. They both worshipped the body Lucas was in and Kelly got what she wanted, except she was just as powerlessly in love with her old body as Lucas unable to resist anything Lucas wanted.

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