"Good job today, Ethan," Amy said, reaching over to give his cock a gentle squeeze. "That means you get a reward."
Amy muttered a magical incantation and the world flipped. Suddenly, Ethan was looking out at the world through Amy's eyes. His buoyant breasts were resting on one arm, as the fingers of the other curved around his former dick.
Amy had been hired to tutor Ethan, but they hadn't made much progress until Amy figured out the perfect reward. When he mastered a concept she would swap bodies with him. It seemed she was just as eager to be in his masculine body as he was to be in hers.
As soon as he ended up in her body he pulled his top to the side and grabbed his tits, squeezing and gripping greedily as need flared within him. Amy stroked her new cock as she watched him, until they could both take it no more and they fell onto the bed. Ethan straddled his former body, bare tits bouncing as he grinded his pussy on his former dick. His little thong panties grew wet with his desire, and it wasn't long before Amy pulled aside the fabric and slid into him. 
She thrust inside, filling him. He moaned and gripped himself harder, watching down his body as his hands played across his plump butt and his bouncing tits. Hearing Amy's voice crying out in desire only made him want himself more and he came, quivering around his former cock as he enjoyed her orgasm. A few minutes later he reciprocated, dragging his pussy down his former cock as Amy throbbed inside him, grunting and gripping his hips as she emptied his own hot cum into his temporary new body.
He blew through the lessons, but even after they finished his studies, the rewards continued.

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