Thank god he’s gone

"Have a good trip," Rob's wife said before kissing him on the cheek.
"You two be good," Rob said, taking a last look at his wife and son. He was so lucky to still be in love with his wife after twenty years. And his kid was a good kid. He sighed and turned away, heading out for a week-long business trip.
"Thank god he's gone," Gerald said, wrapping his arms around Irma.
"He's a good guy," Irma replied, "But it's hard keeping up appearances around him when I want you so much."
Gerald and Irma were an older couple. On their death bed they'd cast a spell to make them young again. It sort of worked. Their spirits were pushed out of their bodies and into the bodies of a nearby mother and her son.
They had been expecting to simply grow young again in their original bodies. Instead, they found themselves plonked into the bodies of a mother and her son. At least their gender hadn't changed. The minds that had been inside these bodies seemed to have disappeared and, after some initial hesitance, Gerald and Irma adjusted to their new lives.
So when Rob finally left for his business trip, Irma stripped out of her tight clothes and Gerald threw him over the couch.
	He thrust his young cock deep into his lover's body, enjoying the sight of her taut ass, the swing of her breasts as he pounded her from behind. Likewise, Irma loved getting fucked by Gerald. She spread her legs wide, moaning as he slid deep into his tight wet canal. He had all his youthful stamina and could pleasure her multiple times a day. It was like they were newlyweds again.
	It had bothered them at first that their bodies were related. But Gerald was too horny and too in love to be held back for long. There had been some guilt at first, but when it was clear the minds inside these bodies weren't coming back they began to relish the secret trysts they engaged in whenever Irma's new husband left.
	Irma had sex with "her son" in every room in the house, and many days Gerald came home early from school to fuck "his mom" before Rob got home.
	They each came to love their new bodies, and enjoyed their youthful energy and stamina, exploring their strange bodies like new lovers. Irma's "husband", Rob, made a few comments about the way she started dressing in tight tops and skinny jeans but Irma loved showing off her new figure. She was given an incredible body and, dammit, she was going to show it off. And Gerald didn't mind showing off his sexy mom to his friends.

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  1. I’m a 41 year old married mother of one child. I love to be female.
    But I was always jealous how it feels for men. So, I would just like to swap bodies with a guy like the one from the picture above for a day or week. Then I could try out everything 😍

  2. If I were Gerald I would rather like to end up in the body of the mother. Then I would fuck and suck the shit out of my new husband with this incredible body πŸ”₯

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