How my wife liked it

My wife borrowed my body to go out with the guys. She offered to set up a girls night out for me but I chose to have a girls night in, so she helped me do my makeup and gave me her sex toy. Before she left she kissed me on the cheek and told me to have fun.
Boy, did I.
First, I put on her sexy stockings and paraded in front of the mirror. I turned and ogled my body from every direction, luxuriating being in this wonderful form that I'd always desired. I got so turned on just by looking at myself, just by seeing my wife move and knowing it was me controlling her, experiencing everything from behind her eyes.
I was already nice and wet by the time I flicked on the vibrator and ran it up and down my entrance. My other hand came up to stroke a tit, squeezing and pinching the little nipples as pleasure flared within me.
I remembered how my wife liked it, and in no time my pussy was soaking wet and I was writhing on the couch. My first orgasm was tremendous. I didn't even try to hide it, just howled out in my wife's lovely voice as I settled the vibrator on my clit and enjoyed the pleasure pulsing through me.
The second orgasm was even better, and by then I'd brought my fingers in to help the vibrator. I slid in to my wet pussy, curling around inside my silken folds, enjoying penetrating this body and feeling it penetrated for the first time. My pussy shook as I moaned and came again.
I was enjoying my girls night in.

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  1. At 5.30 AM the next morning I woke up, and I immediately remembered the intimate, overwhelming experiences I had last night. I was still inside my wife’s body, still enjoying the delicious lust I experienced, and when I left the bed to go to the toilet, I heard her entering, coming home from “his” night out with the guys. After my morning pee I kissed and hugged my “new” husband and asked her, how “he” enjoyed being with the guys. He smiled, and said: ” You don’t have to be modest or hide your feelings, I simply know you enjoyed “your” new body already. And looking at the sparkles in your eyes, I think you may like a real life experience in every way as a real woman. I blushed, and nodded. I answered very softly: “Yes, I love that.” We took a shower together, and then I was laid on the bed, very gently, and we started our intimate love game, both unaware of the fact that we would have many, many delicious experiences as the opposite sex during the rest of our lives together. A lovely, sweet soul grasped the opportunity to use our sensual, tenderly gentle lovemaking for a homecoming with us, and when we tried to swap back at the end of the weekend, we did find out that it was impossible. We had to wait a while before we could use the pregnancy test, and it confirmed our suspicions. I was pregnant and going to become a mother, and also staying a woman for the rest of my life. We smiled at each other, and started another round of lovemaking, confirming for our daughter to be that she will be received in love….. . – Tom –

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