What they didn’t know

"Stop," John whispered, in a voice that suggested he didn't really want Ellen to stop. "These bodies are related."
"Yes," Ellen replied, kissing John's neck, inhaling the sweet floral scent of him as her hands wandered across his incredible breasts, stroking the tits that had so captivated her from within her new body. "But we're not."
"What about the owners of these bodies?" John asked, letting the dishes fall to the sink as he arched his back and pressed against Ellen's wonderful erection. The hands on his breasts were magical and his heart was racing.
"What they don't know can't hurt them," Ellen said, nipping John's neck and grasping his breasts in a meaty paw.
But what John and Ellen didn't know was that the original owners of their bodies were still inside, and they were experiencing everything, even as they had no control over their bodies. The son could feel his hands slide over his mom's tits, before tracing the curves of her body down beneath the silken nightie until his fingers lay over her moist panties. The mom could feel her son's hot breath on her neck, could feel her own hands reaching around and slipping into his pants to grab his dick.
The unwelcome pleasure spilled through them both as the son couldn't stop himself from sliding the nightie off his mom and gazing at her naked body. He couldn't stop himself from getting to his knees and burying his face between his mom's legs, tongue slipping out to taste her delicious musk as he grew harder and harder.

A freak accident swaps a young man into the body of his best friend’s girlfriend where he discovers his masochistic side in Better Than Ever, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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