No one could prove it

Devon and Lucas hurried into the men's locker room.
"We gotta go quick," Devon said, throwing off Sally's top, "So I can get back to cheer squad before they notice I've been gone too long."
"I can do that," Lucas said, tossing off his pants and stroking Devon's tight, trim body.
"Yeah," Devon moaned as Lucas ran his hands across his body, "Play with those itty bitty titties."
Lucas sucked on one of Devon's tiny pink nipples until it spiked out beneath his lips and Devon released a soft cry of pleasure. He was already so wet just from walking around in Sally's body, but now he felt his moisture spill down between his thighs.
Devon had been in Swap Class with Sally, and had ended up in her body. He promised he would treat it right and, as far as he was concerned, filling her little body with dick was treating it right.
"Ok, fuck me," Devon said.
He flipped up his skirt and lowered himself onto Lucas's cock, feeling the shaft slowly slip through his slick folds. He bit his lip and moaned as he lowered himself all the way down, filling Sally's tight pussy with his friend's dick. In no time he was bouncing up and down, his face a mask of pleasure as he cried out in her soft voice until he came, pussy quivering around his friend's dick.
Lucas came with him, thrusting up into Devon's silky folds and emptying his heat inside him with quick bursts.
Devon cleaned himself up, got dressed, and returned to the cheer squad. Everyone suspected what he'd done, but no one could prove it. Until he found he was pregnant.

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