What on earth? 2

Part 1

Margot found it a lot harder to follow her own advice about pre-marital sex once she ended up in Clarissa's body. She'd never been pretty and had been ignored by most guys. But now she got attention everywhere she went. It was shocking at first, but then flattering.
This new body came with a kind of restlessness. A need for...something that made it hard to think. It took Margot a while to realize she was horny. She'd never had much of a sex drive before, but her young, nubile body did.
Her sex drive, combined with the attention she was getting, made it harder and harder to abstain. The breaking point came when she was going door to door proselytizing. Margot had found that skimpier outfits tended to result in people giving her more attention, so she dressed her tiny body in a pink spaghetti strap and tiny shorts.Two guys invited her into their house and seemed very interested in what she had to say.
Margot forgot how the conversation turned away from the bible and towards her. And she didn't even know how they ended up stroking her thighs at her own invitation. All she knew was that her body was burning bright, and as their hands spread across her tits, she pushed her panties aside and began stroking her new sex.
The two guys taught her a lot about her body, like where her most tender erogenous zones were, and how to touch herself. She'd intended to convert them, but in the end it was the two guys who ministered her.

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