Busy right now

“Bend mommy over. Good boy!” Marilyn cooed as she held her feet over her head and spread herself for her son..
God, this body was so much healthier and more flexible than her old one. She’d definitely made the right choice to order her son, Alfred, to use his powers to swap her sickly, obese body with the hot housewife next door.
Alfred was such a good boy. He always listened to her and did what she said with little complaint. That included pleasuring her new body, which she found to be so much hornier than her old. She was wet for the first time in a long time just from touching herself and having her son lick her big fake breasts. Plus, she didn’t have to worry about the ‘doctor’s orders’ to watch her diet. Being in this new body meant she could eat whatever she wanted. And she did, enjoying the fatty rich desserts that had been forbidden for years.
This body would be perfect if it weren’t for the two brats that kept trying to interrupt them, and the damn intruding husband who kept trying to stop her from enjoying this new body.
“Mommy’s busy right now,” she called out to the brats.
They were probably hungry or something. Marilyn had invited her son over and pounced on him the moment he came in the door. The bratty kids kept asking why she was naked. But Alfred didn’t. Alfred was perfect. He knew that she was naked as a little present for him. He even defended her when the unbearable husband returned and tried to figure out why his wife was fucking the guy next door.
But before that, Alfred worshiped her new body until they were both whipped up into such an erotic frenzy they had to disappear into the bedroom to satisfy each other.

A middle-aged man volunteers to transform himself to take the place of a high school cheerleader for a week in Stand-In, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.


  1. I love the blatant disreguard Marylin shows for the life of the body she now owns. Would love to see a serial of this.

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