Go again

Your boyfriend collapses back on the bed. Your breasts rise and fall on his chest as he turns your former eyes to you.
“Fuck, that was amazing,” he smiles. “I never knew having a pussy could feel so good.”
“Having a dick’s not bad, either,” you grin.
Your new cock rests against your thigh, still slick with your boyfriend’s juices. It pulses lightly as your body cools down. It was weird at first. Getting hard. Watching your cock stand to attention and being so excited about it. Like watching your own dick was making you hard.
Your boyfriend, of course, enjoyed his new tits. He couldn’t stop touching himself and you laughed as you taught him how to stroke each nipple just so to make him shiver. Then you guided his fingers between your former legs and taught him how to pleasure himself. You’d never seen your own ‘O’ face before and it was actually pretty hot.
In return, he taught you how to stroke your dick. So weird how each stroke made you hornier than the last, filling you with a deep and urgent need to thrust into something.
You barely kept yourself in check as he spread his legs and you slid inside your former pussy for the first time. God, the welcome heat, the feeling of being surrounded by his wet warmth. It made you groan as you sunk deep, deep inside him.
It didn’t take much before you lost it, your cock throbbing, releasing that pressure in a series of grunting thrusts.
“I could go again,” your boyfriend purrs.
“Knock yourself out,” you reply.
You’re ready to go to sleep, but he’s soon moaning with your voice and cresting again. And already your cock is pulsing for him.

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