That good, huh?

Request: I’m a long time reader and I was hoping you’d take my request. I was wondering if you could do a caption where a mother finds herself attracted to her son’s girlfriend. She finds a spell to swap with her son that can only be sealed if both of them achieve orgasm. She casts the spell while she’s having sex with her husband so that the son will be stuck. Maybe 2 captions of that’s not asking too much. One for both sides of the swap.

One second Lucas had been kneeling between his girlfriend's legs, his cock just sliding into her welcome wet warmth. The next second he was in the kitchen of his own house, one leg thrown over his dad's shoulder.
But the leg didn't look his even though it felt like it. This leg was smooth and soft. There was something warm and hard-soft inside him and, looking down Lucas got the shock of his life. His shirt was pulled up and he had two solid breasts, each one jiggling with each thrust, each nipple hard with arousal. And beneath was a naked, feminine body. His mom's body, Lucas suddenly realized.
There was his mom's pussy between his legs, the lips warm and slick. Worst of all, his dad's cock was plunging inside. Lucas gasped as his dad filled him, his mouth dropping open, a feminine moan escaping his lips. Oh god, he could feel his dad's cock slipping through his wet folds, pushing apart the slick walls of his canal.
He scrambled, trying to push away, but he couldn't get any purchase on the smooth countertop. His dad slid in, again and again, his hand clamped around Lucas's thigh as he thrust inside Lucas's warm pussy faster and faster until he sunk deep and came.
Lucas held his breath, feeling his dad's cock pump inside him, his new pussy filling with hot cum. All he could do was stare down between his legs while he watched his dad's cock disappear inside him and feel the wet hot cum fill his mom's pussy.
His dad paused, still lodged inside him, before pulling out. Lucas was still shocked, still gasping as his dad's cum trickled out of him.
"That good, huh?" His dad winked.

A scrawny teenager accidentally swaps bodies with his sexy fitness instructor neighbor and gets carried away with his new life in Trading Places, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. Eu gostaria de ver uma continuação aonde ele ama trancar todos dia com seu pai e q nunca mais quer voltar a seu antigo corpo,venerando o pênis enorme de seu pai

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