Trading Places

A scrawny teenager accidentally swaps bodies with his sexy fitness instructor neighbor and gets carried away with his new life in Trading Places, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Olivia glanced at Cam questioningly but he nodded and she went inside, leaving them alone. Cam stepped up on to the front porch and into the light.

“The thing that caused—” Harper began, stopping when she really looked at Cam for the first time. “What the fuck did you do to my nose?” She hissed.

“It’s just a little piercing. I thought it would look good.”

“That is my body. You do not have the right to do what you want with it.”

“Sorry, I just got…carried away. It will heal if you leave it out.”

“You better do that. I can’t believe you got my fucking nose pierced. What were you thinking? You need to get rid of it before Daniel sees it.”

“Um, about that…”


“Daniel is…nevermind. I’ll take it out,” Cam lied. “What were you saying?”

“The statue that we touched. It must have been what switched our bodies. When I left this morning it was pure white and when I got back from school it was a light grey.” She held it up for Cam’s inspection. “It’s got some sort of magic. Touch it so we can switch back.”

Cam paused for a beat, wondering if he really wanted to switch back. But it wouldn’t be fair to steal Harper’s life. But she was gaining a few more years and a nice family, wasn’t she getting the better end of the bargain? Cam reached out and touched it, sad to see his fantasy disappear so quickly. But when he touched it, nothing happened. There was no flash like last time.

“Did it work?” Harper asked.

“Don’t know,” Cam said, “I didn’t feel anything. Maybe it has to recharge. Like, when it’s black that means the magic or the power or whatever is full and we can switch back.”

“God, I hope not. I want my body back now.”

“Me, too,” Cam agreed. It was the second lie he’d told Harper in just the last minute.

When she left, Cam went inside. The TV was on in the living room, Olivia splayed across the couch surfing through the selection of streaming options.

“Here, move over,” Cam said.

He could have sat anywhere on the couch or even on the arm chair on the other side of the coffee table. But he wanted to sit right next to Olivia. And she welcomed him. They sat close together, his crossed legs touching hers as they argued about what to watch. Olivia wanted to watch nature documentaries but Cam wanted something light and comedic. Olivia mocked all his choices as ‘typical romance bullshit’ while he mocked her choices as something she could see if she just went into her backyard with a camera.

He grabbed for the remote but she held it up and away, and he climbed up on her, straddling her lap to reach it. Olivia screamed in mock-terror as they both grappled for the remote control, giggling and calling each other names. Cam didn’t know which one of them kissed the other first, but suddenly they were both frozen. Olivia still had her arm in the air, Cam’s fingers clasped against her palm, paused in the fight for the remote as their soft lips parted and their tongues found each other.

Olivia’s tongue ring clinked on her teeth. She tasted sweet and Cam’s nose pressed against her cheek, allowing him to inhale her faint lilac scent. The remote dropped to the couch, forgotten, as their hands sought out each other’s bodies. Fingers groped across bodies, yanking off clothes and caressing bare skin. Cam’s heavy tits pressed against Olivia’s lighter ones, her nipple ring tickling Cam’s own nipples.

They continued kissing as Cam stroked Olivia’s tits.

“Here,” Olivia muttered between kisses, guiding Cam’s fingers to her nipple rings and twisting them slightly. She grimaced and bit her lower lip, her body bucking slightly beneath Cam as he played with each stud.

She hefted one of his own breasts and brought it to her lips, kissing around the circumference before landing on his sensitive nipple. She nipped it with her teeth, tongue flicking out to taste him. Each time she took him in between her teeth his sensitivity grew to a pleasure verging on pain. It was nearly as wonderful watching Olivia feast on his tits as it was feeling her touch his delightful new body.

A delicious warmth began between his legs and he started griding himself on Olivia’s lap. She sensed his need and turned around to lower him onto the couch. Cam’s legs were still tucked around her and she shifted until she was resting on him. She tugged down his sweatpants and he released her long enough for her to slip them all the way off. She knelt between his legs and stroked his entrance, gathering his dew and spreading it up and down his folds.

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