That good, huh? 2

Carla seduced her husband, scooting up on to the kitchen counter and spreading her legs. As her husband took her she mumbled the spell. The world spun, and then she was in a stranger's house.
Carla was looking down at Steph, her son's girlfriend. Steph had a look of utter desire on her face, her legs were spread wide, and Carla's son's dick was slipped in between her beautiful velvety folds. Her dick now. And it felt so good, so strong. 
Carla spread Steph's legs wide, sinking deep into her warmth while Steph moaned. God, it was so good to have a young man's stamina, a young man's desire. Her lust was concentrated at the base of her dick, a tension waiting to erupt. Somehow she held on, even as Steph's moans grew. 
Carla's eyes locked on to those bouncing breasts, sliding down to watch her new cock disappear into the body of this beautiful young woman, pink folds clasping her dick tight. She came then, thrusting deep, emptying herself into Steph as Steph clutched her and moaned. Carla's orgasm was intense but quick. She filled Steph's pussy with her cum and then remained kneeling, tiredness washing over her.
She'd done it.She'd stolen her son's body and she could now spend her life with his girlfriend. Carla had fallen in love with Steph and when the opportunity came around to be with her forever Carla took it. She would tell her son she had no idea what happened, even as she stole his life and his girlfriend.

A scrawny teenager accidentally swaps bodies with his sexy fitness instructor neighbor and gets carried away with his new life in Trading Places, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. i love how Carla stoled her own son’s body to fulfill her desires. My favorites captions are these ones when they seal the spell for ever

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