Drink it down

“There you go, drink it down. Good girl,” Hope purred as she held Stewie’s head and stroked her boyfriend’s cock to empty it between Stewie’s plump new lips.
Stewie swallowed the warn, salty seed and his growing reluctance to be Hope and Isaac’s plaything vanished. He was, once again, a good slut only interested in pleasing both his masters.
“That was close,” Hope said, sitting back on her heels and grinning at the bimbo slut they’d created.
Stewie gazed up at Isaac adoringly, his slender hand sliding into his wet hole. He was constantly wet, constantly waiting for Hope and Isaac to reward him with another orgasm for being so well-behaved.
Hope and Isaac had invited their coworker, Stewie, over for dinner and tricked him into drinking a magic potion that transformed him into a sexy bimbo. But the spell would gradually fade, first freeing Stewie’s mind and then his body, unless he was fed a steady diet of cum.
“I don’t know how much more often I can cum today,” Isaac said, falling onto the couch.
Stewie shuffled over on his knees and lay his head in Isaac’s lap, his nose so close to Isaac’s still wet cock.
“Well we sure as hell don’t want him turning back now,” Hope said.
“Yeah, but what do we do?”
“Hmmm…” Hope thought for a moment and then brightened up. “Nothing in the spellbook said it had to be your cum did it?”
“You’re right!”
Hope sat next to Isaac and stroked Stewie’s hair. “How would our little cumslut like to suck off some other people?”
“Please!” Stewie begged, both the thought of pleasing Hope and Isaac as well as the thought of drinking more tasty cum was already making him wet.

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