Two books on sale

These two books didn’t get a lot of love when they were first published and they are a bit unusual but I had fun writing them. Both are on sale for about 40% off until 4 July only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.

Mystery Man is set up like a mystery (of course) where a woman has returned to her body after having had it stolen and altered and her life ruined. Now she’s teeming up with a detective and discovering all the decadent things the body thief has done while inside her. Body Swap Stories or Smashwords

Ticket to Ride is a story about a bodyhopper who takes over a woman to explore her body, only to find she’s kinkier than he thought. Body Swap Stories or Smashwords


  1. Really liked Mystery Man, missed it when it first came out. Don’t usually get the after swap/possession stuff, so it was a good change of pace. Wouldn’t mind seeing more stories like that to shake things up in the future. Thanks for highlighting these stories!

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