Couldn’t be contained

Dan stuck out his sister’s tongue and licked his mom’s nipple as he stared lovingly into her eyes. Dan’s sister, Tara, was in her mom’s body, and she stroked Dan’s cheek as her nipple leaped to attention beneath Dan’s warm, wet tongue.
The two were victims of the Stranger, who had swept into their house and swapped the whole family. He’d given Dan and Tara – in their new bodies – a lust that couldn’t be contained.
Somewhere inside Dan’s blonde form he was aware that he shouldn’t love sucking on his mom’s tits as much as he did, that he shouldn’t love the little goosebumps her touch sent through his body, that he shouldn’t be enjoying the immense wetness of his sister’s pussy. But it felt so damn good. They felt so damn good pressed together, their bodies fitting together like perfect puzzle pieces.
His mom tasted so wonderfully salty sweet and the lusty look in her eyes made Dan shiver. He was compelled to worship his mom’s body, licking and sucking and kissing ans touching until he was a puddle, his pussy sopping wet for her. Only then would Tara permit him to go down on her.
At long last Dan would be allowed to burrow his face between his mom’s thighs and lap his tongue against her pink folds as she moaned and quivered around him.
But first he had to earn it.
The two didn’t think about what was happening to the rest of the family. They only had thoughts for each other.

Aliens have abducted Neil and his best friend’s hot mom, swapping their bodies and experimenting to see how far they’ll go in their new forms in Close Encounters, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


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