Having some trouble?

“Having some trouble?” Oliver asked as he leaned his mom’s body on the doorway.
Oliver’s mom, Julia, was in her son’s body, watching some porn and unsuccessfully trying to masturbate. She looked up at him, her hand still on her dick.
“It’s just too weird being in your body. I can’t do it so soon.”
Oliver pouted but secretly he was pleased to be in his mom’s sexy body.
Julia and Oliver had been cursed by a witch to swap bodies whenever they orgasmed. Oliver knew he had some time until his former body could get it up again. But he didn’t want to swap back right away. He liked to tease himself in his mom’s body, moving around in her form, wearing her clothes, feeling her sway and jiggle in all the wonderful ways. Only when he was in a total state of arousal, practically dripping down his thighs, and his mom was close to being able to cum again would Oliver finally give in.
He would sneak to the bedroom and thrust his hands down his skirt, teasing that warm, wet ache with his fingers while running his hands up and down his glorious body, squeezing his tits.
“Why do you keep doing this?” Julia asked, pausing with her hand in her pants. “You know what will happen.”
“I can’t help it. I’ve got teenage hormones.” Oliver said, storming off.
But truthfully he loved it, and as soon as he enjoyed his mom’s orgasm he would masturbate in his own body and slip right back into her beautiful form.

Aliens have abducted Neil and his best friend’s hot mom, swapping their bodies and experimenting to see how far they’ll go in their new forms in Close Encounters, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. Ideas:

    Stebro/stepsis swap and prefer to be swapped

    Guy and girl body swap and prefer to be swapped

    More body part swaps

    Voluntary stepsibling swap

  2. Love the premise of this one, would be hot seeing them swap when she is having sex with her husband!

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