Finally being kissed

It had taken the use of a possession spell but Kaiden was finally being kissed by Oscar. Kaiden had been in love with his friend for years, but only recently had he gained the means for them to get together.
True, Kaiden now had a pussy and tits, neither of which he wanted to think about much. But he also had Oscar’s hands on his body, Oscar’s breath on his lips. Oscar’s cock sliding across his thighs.
Kaiden felt so much smaller as Oscar held him tight, his tiny body so much less muscular than his old one. As they made out, Oscar pushed Kaiden against the wall and slid his hand down to cup the gentle swell of his ass.
Kaiden felt his body responding, the ache in his core growing, expanding out to his entire body. Oscar’s cock slid between Kaiden’s legs, lubricating him on Kaiden’s juices.
Mmmm, so this was what a pussy felt like. Kaiden didn’t know what all the fuss was about just yet but he was eagre to find out. He ran his hands along his friend’s broad chest and moaned into Oscar’s mouth.
Reaching down, Kaiden found Oscar’s girth and stroked it. This he knew how to do, and he soon was rewarded with the warm sticky precum. He guided Oscar between his legs. Kaiden didn’t want to look at this pussy but, God, he wanted to feel Oscar inside it.
Kaiden spread his legs and welcomed his new lover inside. The girth filling him ushered a groan from his new lips. He looked forward to Oscar making a woman out of him.

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