The rest of my new life

I stole this body as she was stopped at a red light. As soon as the light turned green I swapped our bodies. In a flash, I was the hot young woman in the convertible. I floored it, leaving my old body and my old life behind. I laughed as the wind whipped through my hair, enjoying the youthful energy I now possessed.
I used her phone to navigate to her house, a huge mansion in the foothills. I waltzed through the house, checking everything out and poking through closets to get a feel for the place. Looked like daddy’s money paid for all this.
I was alone, so I plopped down near the back patio in the warm sun and stretched out my new body.
“Let’s see what we’ve got here,” I said to myself as I shimmied my dress up past my hips and revealed my black lacy panties.
I spread my legs and pulled my panties aside, gazing happily down at my pussy. It was shaved smooth and felt wonderful beneath my dainty fingers. I stroked myself slowly, enjoying the sight of my fingers slipping into my pink folds. In no time I was wet and ready, my pussy glistening and eager for more.
“Fuck, this is a nice body,” I whispered in awe.
I returned my fingers to my new pussy, stroking faster as the delightful pressure rose within me. I was soon sopping wet and muttering little moans as the pressure rose higher and higher, finally bursting in one delightful orgasm.
I wiggled back and forth, fingers deep inside my warm wet hole as the pleasure danced within me. I returned gently to earth and lay basking in the warm sun for a while longer.
Time to explore the rest of my new life.

An arrogant womanizer is magically transformed into a woman and the only way back to his old life is to have sex with 100 men and blow 100 more in one year. Chapter 1 of Payback is available for $1.99 on Body Swap Stories and Smashwords and $2.99 on Amazon (I can’t set it any cheaper without making it an Amazon exclusive). Preview here.


  1. Now this is a great looking body! I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to slip my erect cock into her pussy and enjoy the magic. Afterwards, only to wake up in her body and to be on the receiving end! Zoe

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