Keep It in the Family (Preview)

Sam and his family use long-range body swapping technology to temporarily switch bodies with another family across the country in order to cheer up their son while having some sexy taboo fun in Keep It in the Family, only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords.

Sam’s eldest son, Alan, recently broke up with his girlfriend. Sam, his wife Meredith, and youngest son, Bruce plan a trip to comfort him. Rather than fly, they use the long-range body swap technology that’s recently become affordable in order to instantaneously travel across the country by swapping bodies with another family. Not only do they get to cheer up their son, but they get to try out new bodies and the roles that go with them.

Sam has opted for the body of a gorgeous twenty-year-old bombshell daughter, Meredith the suave forty-year old father and Bruce the exquisite MILF. With these sexy temporary bodies comes erotic temptations too good to ignore.

Even though they’re family, they can’t keep their hands off each other. They’re dying to explore every wonderful sensation of their new bodies. Together they’re going to give Alan two days he’ll never forget and have some sexy forbidden fun with each other.

Sam had expected the waiting room of the swap facility to look futuristic but it just looked like any other institutional waiting room anywhere in the world. Afternoon light streamed through the large floor-to-ceiling windows, illuminating the cream walls and the generic art prints hanging from them. A few potted plants were stashed in the corners and a television bolted to one of the walls kept silently replaying the computer-generated instructional video about how the long-range body swap technology worked.

Sam and his wife, Meredith, sat side-by-side on a beige couch while their youngest son, Bruce, paced back and forth. Meredith was absorbed in something on her phone—probably sending some last minute work emails—and her red manicured nails danced back and forth across her screen while Sam flipped through an old issue of Car and Driver.

As Bruce’s shadow once again fell over Sam’s magazine, Sam paused and looked up. “Nervous?”

Bruce shot him a forced smile. “Yeah, a little,” he admitted.

“It’ll be okay,” Sam reassured him, then turned to his wife. “Isn’t that right, dear?”

“Yes, darling,” Meredith said absently as she continued typing.

“Thanks, mom, real reassuring,” Bruce sighed.

Sam tried his usual tact: sternness. “Look, I paid a lot of money for this trip so you’re going to enjoy it.”

Meredith set her phone down and glared at Sam before looking up at Bruce with a softer expression. “They’ve been doing this for years. Nothing will go wrong.”

“Won’t it be weird being in someone else’s body?” Bruce asked, looking down at his thick fingers and turning them over as if saying goodbye to them.

Bruce had the same stocky body and broad face of his father. He also had a full head of dark blond hair and the beginning prickles of stubble. Though he was eighteen-years-old, in Sam’s family the men had always been slow to mature. Bruce’s dad, to his chagrin, had long since matured and now sported a neatly trimmed beard that was greying in places, and with the hair on his head cut close to hide the fact that it was thinning. Sam’s old man had gone almost completely bald in his fifties and Sam was quickly heading that way.

“It’s the ultimate vacation,” Sam gushed.

“How will I walk and everything? Won’t the whole world look different?”

“You’ll have all your body’s muscle memories,” Meredith replied. “And they do something called neuron mirroring to help with your perception of self so you don’t flop about.”

Meredith was always the practical one. Always put together. Even today she wore a neat charcoal pant suit. Her dyed-blonde hair was cut in a pixie cut that made her seem more youthful than the liens around her eyes would suggest. She had a pear-shaped body with wide hips that Sam enjoyed grabbing on to. She was meticulous about her appearance, which was probably why she’d been so eager to become someone else for a little while. It might be nice to just not care.

“It’s just like swapping out an engine in a car,” Sam agreed. “It does everything exactly the same, but the outside is different.”

“Okay,” Bruce mumbled. “But what if I don’t like the new body?”

Sam looked over at Meredith, who had a wry smile on her face. It had been Sam’s idea to do the long-range body swap to visit their eldest son, Alan, who lived across the country. Last week he’d been dumped by his longtime girlfriend and Sam wanted to cheer him up for his upcoming twenty-third birthday. He figured the best way to cheer him up was to visit him. When Sam told his idea to Meredith, she suggested they make a family vacation out of it and added a few improvements to the plan. Meredith, ever the organized one of the family, arranged all the details of the swaps as well as the social activities once they arrived on Alan’s side of the country.

“I think you’ll like it,” Meredith assured him. “It’ll give you an amazing new perspective.”

“Besides,” Sam added, glancing towards the hallway to make sure no one was listening and then leaning forward to whisper, “They’re not our bodies. They belong to complete strangers. We can do whatever we want.”

Sam and Meredith grinned at each other. They’d heard stories of people who’d paid for a honeymoon package at the body swap facility, swapping into newlyweds who needed some cash and taking their bodies out for a spin. Sam didn’t know exactly who they were swapping into but he was sure his wife had the same ideas he had. This would be a vacation from themselves. A chance to try out everything and no one would ever know. Oh, they’d signed various waivers, but when it came down to it, they would be in complete control of their temporary bodies and no one could stop them.

The glass doors to the inner hallway slid open and a nebishy technician stepped out. “Okay, Moore family, we’re ready for you. Who would like to go first?”

They agreed that Meredith would go first, followed by Bruce and then Sam.

“I’ll be there on the other side to help you,” Meredith assured her son as she stood.

“See you in a bit,” Sam said, wondering who he would be meeting on the other side.

The technician returned a few minutes later to grab Bruce. Sam squeezed his son’s shoulder reassuringly before he was led away. Now that Sam was alone and the swap was imminent, he began to get nervous. He jiggled his leg, wondering exactly who his wife had chosen for him to be swapped into. How would they feel being in his slightly overweight middle-aged body? Whatever happened, it was only for two days.

Finally, the technician returned for Sam. They didn’t pass any of Sam’s family, which was fortunate. Sam didn’t know how he would feel watching strangers move about in their bodies.

He was led into a room fixed with calming blue lights. A large padded chair took up the center of the room. It looked like a futuristic armchair with wires and lights and small screens all over the back of it. Sam sat down and the seat adjusted beneath him, morphing to accompany his bulk.

The technician placed electrodes all over him and tapped various screens, adjusting levels until he was satisfied. Sam looked down at his body. It would be the last time he’d see it for two days. His beer belly stretched the button-down shirt he wore almost to its limit. The shirt was then tucked into khaki pants that hid his hairy legs. Would he really miss all this?

“Ready?” The technician asked.

“Ready,” Sam replied in his deep baritone.

“You might feel some vertigo,” The technician warned.

He pressed a few buttons and the room spun into darkness.


Sam blinked open his eyes. The swap room on this side looked exactly the same, except that instead of the nebishy technician, a middle-aged peroxide blonde was there to greet him. She turned from the screen and smiled at him.

“Hi, Sam. Welcome to Portland,” she beamed.

As she unhooked the diodes from his body Sam stared down at himself and found that he was staring into someone’s gorgeous cleavage. The two breasts were clasped by a bra beneath a flowery summer dress that fell lightly across a youthful twenty-one-year-old body. His arms were slender and almost completely hairless, ending in dainty hands and long, glittering nails.

The dress ended just above his knees and Sam’s eyes took in the long, perfect legs he now possessed. He wore three-inch strappy sandals on finely-crafted feet, each nail painted to match his fingers. He felt so much lighter and smaller than his old self, and yet as the technician helped him to stand there was no vertigo, no sense that his balance was off. Even his gait, as he swished to the mirror on the far wall, was that of a young woman, all swaying hips and silky movements.

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    1. I think the youngest son becomes a milf, the mother becomes a silver fox dilf, and the father becomes a girl his oldest son’s age. Two new couples.

        1. Can I email you in regard for requesting more stories like this or potentially a sequel or something related to this.

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