Still missing something

Mason lay back on the steps and pulled his shirt up. His new fat breasts bounced out and he gazed down at it with a smile across his pretty new face.
He’d definitely chosen wisely. These tits looked much better on him than on the jogger he’d stolen them from. They went with the ass of the barista, the legs of a girl in one of his classes, the arms off a stranger in the cafe, and the face from his sister’s friend,
Mason had found a magic stone that let him swap body parts with anyone he saw. He’d always wondered what it would be like to be a woman and here was his chance. Not only that, but he could pick the best of all possible parts to create his perfect woman.
He spent the day wandering through the city, trying out different parts, switching people around for his own amusement until he’d completed his appearance.
He was still missing a pussy. Luckily, he could swap as many times as he wanted so he tried a bunch out. The first woman got his cock and, boy, was she surprised when her skirt suddenly bulged out with Mason’s manhood!
Mason played with his new pussy for a bit, stroking himself, getting a feel for the pussy lips and the wet heat within. He enjoyed a small orgasm in the woods surrounding the park with his new equipment before he was back on the hunt. He was always hoping the next one could be tighter, wetter, hornier.
And trying them was most of the fun.

Sam and his family use long-range body swapping technology to temporarily switch bodies with another family across the country in order to cheer up their son while having some sexy taboo fun in Keep It in the Family, only on Body Swap Stories or Smashwords. Preview here.


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